Redbox Hit-and-Run Suspect Arrested

RedboxThe woman suspected of a hit-and-run incident that seriously injured a Colorado man who was renting a movie at a Redbox has been arrested. Fanya Juwan Weatherspoon is being held on $50,000 bond in the Denver Jail after her arrest on Thursday.

Weatherspoon, 40, has a criminal history in Colorado that goes back to 1991, including arrests for assault, child abuse, domestic violence, property damage, harassment, and failing to report an automobile accident. She is being held for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and intimidating a victim or witness.

The hit-and-run victim is Alejandro Lopez, 29. He went to a Denver-area 7-Eleven on Jan. 3 with his two children and a friend to rent a movie. While in the store buying snacks he says his son accidentally hit his sister in the face with a bag of chips. The woman in line behind them said she would spank him if he were her son. Lopez says he told her to mind her own business, although a witness said the conversation was more extensive than that.

After purchasing his snacks Lopez went outside to rent a movie at the Red Box kiosk. Lopez says the woman, who was wearing a knit stocking cap, got into her SUV with friends, backed up the vehicle, and then intentionally rammed him, pinning him against the Redbox machine. A witness said the woman then backed up and drove forward again, hitting Lopez another time. She then backed up and drove away.

Lopez’s right leg was broken in the Red Box hit-and-run accident and he has severe tissue damage. He was taken to the hospital, diagnosed with a broken leg, treated and sent home. A day or so later he says his leg started swelling and became discolored, so he returned to the hospital, which gave him some cream and sent him home again. Then the leg started to smell.

Lopez went to Denver Health Medical Center for a second opinion. The doctors there told him he had a major infection and that they might have to amputate the leg. He has had 15 surgeries and many skin grafts as doctors try to save his leg. Lopez says the skin grafts are very painful and keep him up at night. In the most recent surgery, which lasted 15 hours, doctors unsuccessfully tried to graft muscle from his back to his leg behind the knee.

On March 29, Denver police released a photo of the Redbox hit-and-run suspect from a surveillance video from the 7-Eleven. The police asked for help identifying the woman and her two friends. On March 31 police identified Weatherspoon and impounded the car that was used in the incident, but were still looking for the suspect, who was not at home at the time. She was arrested April 10.

Lopez, an electrician’s apprentice, is now walking on crutches but reports that he is unable to work or make his house payments. Lopez says the hit-and-run incident at Redbox has destroyed his life. His attorney says justice is important in the case, as society cannot allow this type of behavior.

By Beth A. Balen

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