Rob Lowe Ready to Give Government the Boot

loweIt seems that traditionally left-wing Hollywood is slowly starting to shift its ideology from extremely liberal to a more libertarian view. Many blockbuster films have come out over the last few years that contain themes focused on the dangers of totalitarian societies, and how freedom of choice is preferable to expansive government control. Movies like The Hunger GamesDivergentand most recently, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, have taken the top spot at the box office, each containing a message that focuses on the importance of civil liberties and freedom. Now, recent statements from Rob Lowe indicating that the actor is ready to give the government the boot from his personal life, are demonstrating this shift is starting to take root in the minds of thespians as well as directors and writers.

Lowe once described himself as an extremely liberal Democrat, but a lot of his views have changed since getting married and having kids. During an interview with the New York Times, Lowe said that he is all about personal freedom and wants the government to get out of just about everything. During the interview the former Brat Pack member stated that he has grown weary of the two party political system in America, saying that loyalty to a specific party is a lot like using recreational drugs.

Rob Lowe’s desire to boot the government out of the personal lives of Americans is more evidence that people are waking up to the long-term failings contained in liberal progressive policies. Much of the policy work done by Progressives are nothing but bandages on a deep cut. In the long run, the blood soaks through the bandage, and instead of sewing up the wound, another bandage is placed on it, hoping that it will produce different results. The truth of the matter is that sewing up the wound is the only way to stop the bleeding, and getting stitched up is a painful process.

The effects of these long-term shortcomings for policies involving national security and economic matters are coming to the surface, and people are not happy about the results. The American public was gung-ho about the Patriot Act when it was first passed because the fear of terrorism was fresh in the mind, and anything geared toward easing that fear in the moment was considered a blessing. Unfortunately, not much thought was given to what the provisions in the legislation meant for the future. That same bill is what enabled alphabet soup organizations like the NSA to have the authority to collect and store emails and phone records from American citizens without a proper warrant. Now that people are aware of this intrusion, the majority are not too happy about it.

The fact that Hollywood actors, people who have major pull in pop culture, are now beginning to lean more and more libertarian, there is hope that the stances these icons take will stir the hearts of their audience to start looking into things more deeply themselves. If the principles of libertarianism continue to be spread, more and more people will likely adopt the philosophy, as it seeks to unite Americans rather than divide them the way both progressive and conservative ideology does currently. The fact that Robe Lowe wants to give the government the boot should bring a smile to liberty-lovers, while also shining a ray of hope that others in Hollywood may follow suit.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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