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In case there is a need to be brought up to speed, a very bizarre and tragic incident occurred this week, involving an alleged associate of famed rap monolith Wu-Tang Clan. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Andre Johnson, a rapper known also as Christ Bearer decided to sever his own penis and jump from a second story balcony. At the time the story broke, there seemed to be confusion about who Johnson actually was, if he was in fact connected to Wu-Tang and why might have committed such a cringe-worthy act of self-mutilation. Now after some of the dust has settled, new information may shed some light on the incident, including input from Wu-Tang Clan standout RZA, who talks about Johnson and their history together.

It all started out as a somewhat “innocent” evening in North Hollywood for the little-known rap artist, Johnson. He had apparently been spending time with other members of his rap group Northstar when, suddenly, he surprised the room by making a few hasty and erratic decisions. Initially, it was unclear what type of instrument he used to chop off his manhood. However, reports are now saying it was a serrated steak knife. Ouch, Andre. Moreover, the first reports only alluded to Johnson’s penis injury, while new information charges he may have also sliced off his testicles as well. Finally while earlier findings offered that Johnson had jumped off the balcony before arrival of police and emergency workers, that may not have been the case. It is now being reported that Johnson was actually on the balcony when authorities arrived and jumped subsequent to their attempts to “talk him down.” Johnson survived despite his injuries, and remains hospitalized without the possibility of successful genitalia reattachment surgery.

At the time of the incident, witnesses to the event reportedly told police that Johnson had not been using the “kind of drugs” that would have led to such a tragedy. However, now it has been revealed that the rapper known as “Christ Bearer” was actually high on PCP, Phencyclidine. The drug, which is also called Angel Dust, has been known to cause delusions, paranoia, violent behavior, and suicidal behavior. Yet, in a recent interview, Wu-Tang clan’s RZA talks about the incident involving Johnson, saying: “This sounds more than high. It sound like mental problems or something that.”

RZA went on to describe his relationship with Johnson, which was not of a very close nature in recent times. Although, RZA did admit Johnson was a member of a rap group known as West Coast Killa Beez, who were signed to the Wu-Tang label in 2004. RZA feels the connection between Johnson and Wu-Tang has been overemphasized and comes across as “dirty press.” RZA further revealed that Johnson had contacted him after a stint in jail, and feels that the system may have failed the rapper who continues to be in need of mental treatment.

Shortly after the incident occurred this week, many media outlets falsely reported that it had been another rapper named Andre Roxx, who committed the self-mutilation. Pictures of an alleged rap artist (not Johnson), brandishing Wu-Tang merchandise and logos, was later found to be that of an unrelated individual who may have no direct affiliation with the Wu-Tang Clan. The mystery of how Johnson, A.K.A Christ Bearer was able to commit such heinous acts before someone intervened still clouds the case. However, as circumstantial information continues to arise, the big picture comes a bit more in focus. As RZA talks about Johnson, saying “…he’s been in jail recently, he’s been in trouble… Maybe he’s mentally unstable,” one gets a sense that there is more to the story than meets the eye, as usual.

Opinion by Josh Taub

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