Samsung Introduces Galaxy Beam 2 in China


The Samsung Galaxy Beam was introduced a few years back in the United States market, but it did not become popular like the Motorola Droid or Apple iPhone smartphones did. Evidently the Galaxy Beam has become popular enough for China to put a newly designed second model into its market.

So far it looks like the Beam 2 will only be available through the carrier China Mobile. In the future other carriers and countries will possibly make this phone available.

The Galaxy Beam mini-projector could portray a 50-inch image on the wall. Soon enough the public will get to see the capabilities of the Galaxy Beam 2’s mini-projector.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 was officially introduced to China on April 24, 2014, however a retail price for this device has not yet been listed. The stylish metallic phone’s main feature is its built-in professional-level mini-projector. This mini-projector allows the consumer to project movies, sporting events and various applications onto a surface. This gives the consumer ease with sharing entertainment with friends or family. Certain applications may be more enjoyable or easier to use with the projector.

A quad-core 1.2-gigahertz processor powers the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system on the Beam 2. The reputable iPhone 5 has a 1.3-gigahertz processor. In comparison these two are quite relevant in how fast they operate.The phone has 4.66-inch display screen, with automatic Camma proofreading and background color correction function and it supports WVGA (480 by 800) resolution. This Samsung has one gigabyte of random-access memory (RAM) that allows the consumer to have numerous applications running at once.

The 3G phone is wi-fi and Bluetooth capable, it has a USB 2.0 slot and uses the Assisted Global Positioning System, as well as the Global Positioning System for location services. Dimensions of the Galaxy Beam 2 measure 134.5 x 70 x 11.64 millimeters and it weighs 165 grams. The phone has an extended storage slot that is capable of holding up to a 64 gigabyte micro SD card.

A 2,600 mAh battery powers the Beam 2 smartphone. The original Beam battery is 2,000 mAh and its life has about 12 hours of talk time, five and a half hours web browsing time and about ten hours video playback time. The Beam is able to last slightly over two days if it is only used sparingly for one hour per day of calls, one hour per day of web browsing and one hour per day of watching videos. The Beam 2 should hold a fairly similar batter life, if not better.

Samsung’s Galaxy Beam 2 has a built-in camcorder and five-megapixel rear-facing camera with a light-emitting diode (LED) flash. Other features to this phone include voice dialing, voice commands and voice recording. There is also a built-in accelerometer and compass, as well as tethering and computer sync.

With China introducing the Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 we can be sure to see some customers already sparking some interest. The Galaxy Beam 2 has the mini-projector which makes it stand out from other smartphones, but other than that the rest of the specifications are not any better than other similar smartphones on the market.

By Reed Watson

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