Samuel L Jackson Could Return for ‘Die Hard 6’

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A huge rumor was posted yesterday curiosity of Latino Review’s ‘El Mayimbe’ that Samuel L Jackson could return as Zeus Carver in Die Hard 6. While the sixth instalment of the massively popular action franchise has not yet been announced to be in pre-production by Twentieth Century Fox, series star Bruce Willis has previously stated several times that the sequel will in fact happen. The rumor is that the studio has begun meeting with writers to find a way to include Samuel L Jackson’s character from the third entry into the franchise, Die Hard With A Vengeance. 

The Die Hard franchise is one of the most successful action film franchise of all time. The first film was released back in the summer of 1988 and became a surprise box office sensation, capitulating Bruce Willis into the A-list. The film followed New York police office John McClane as he alone had to save his wife and several hostages from the evil German terrorist Hans Gruber trapped inside the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.

Two years later, Willis would return with Die Hard 2: Die Harder and while not as critically adored as the original, the sequel did managed to outgross Die Hard by a fair amount. In 1995, Bruce Willis would return as John McClane in Die Hard With A Vengeance featuring Samuel L Jackson’s character Zeus. In the third film, McClane and Zeus must race across New York City to deactivate bombs in a twisted game of Simon says.

Audiences would have to wait twelve long years before they would see John McClane back on the big screen. Released in 2007, Live Free Or Die Hard was surprisingly successful and to date remains the highest grossing film in the franchise even though it is the lone entry to be rated PG-13 instead of R. The most recent entry was released back in February 2013 and was titled A Good Day To Die Hard. The film garnered the worst response from both critics and audiences, grossing the lowest domestic total the series had ever seen. Given the mixed reaction from fans to the latest entries in the long running action franchise, it would make sense that Twentieth Century Fox would look to what has worked previously meaning Samuel L Jackson could more than likely return for Die Hard 6. 

Samuel L Jackson is known for being quite busy and in 2014 alone has six films scheduled for a release not to mention appearances on Marvel’s Agent’s Of S.H.I.E.L.D. As of right now, the rumor remains highly speculative as no one has official or close to the production has commented on if Samuel L Jackson could return for Die Hard 6 If the story is true, it then becomes a question of whether or not the actor can possibly fit the film into his increasingly busy schedule. Jackson can currently be seen on the big screen reprising his role as Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

While A Good Die To Die Hard was not a hit with audiences, the sequel still grossed over three hundred million worldwide last year so there remains a very strong possibility that Bruce Willis will be back as John McClane. As to whether Samuel L Jackson could return for the fun in Die Hard 6 remains to be seen.

By Benjamin Murray


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