San Diego Zoo Kids Channel Is Now at Ronald McDonald House

zoo Patients and their families at the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego will now be able to watch the San Diego Zoo Kids channel. The channel will feature programs about endangered species of animals along with unique and fun to watch animals. There will be featured close encounters with well known zoo animals. A panda cam is also available.

The new channel is a joint venture with Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego and San Diego Zoo Global. It was funded by a gift from philanthropist and businessman T. Denny Sanford. They all worked together to create San Diego Zoo Kids.

The San Diego Zoo Kids channel is designed to educate and entertain. It will feature various wildlife from all over the world. The shows will include live coverage as well as pre-recorded segments. San Diego’s Rady Hospital was the first to feature the channel in every patients room and also in the waiting areas. Now the Ronald McDonald House, across from the hospital, is also equipped with the new technology.

Dr. Donald Kearns of Rady Children’s Hospital has said that providing exceptional medical care goes beyond just caring for injured and sick children. He said when there are educational and entertaining things to watch, it promotes healing. The patient’s experience is enhanced by positive input. Dr. Kearns stated that he is hopeful the channel will soon be available to all children’s hospitals nationwide.

The Ronald McDonald House in San Diego is embracing the extra layer of comfort that The San Diego Zoo Kids channel can bring to the patients and their families. The staff and volunteer workers care for families every day. These families are all coping with a medical crisis that involves a child.

Chuck Day, CEO and president of Ronald McDonald House of San Diego, has said that families will be able to enjoy videos and animal stories from the privacy of their own rooms. The San Diego Zoo Kids channel has provided the opportunity to give families a bit of comfort through watching the animals and hearing the incredible stories.

San Diego Zoo Global CEO and President Doug Myers has said that he believes it is important to put people in touch with animals. It is a way to promote the conservation of endangered species. The San Diego Zoo Kids channel is being given to hospitals at no cost. Health care professionals have been known to say that being able to watch animals could possibly help to reduce pain in sick and injured children. It can also help them sleep better.

The Ronald McDonald House in San Diego is the first of the Ronald McDonald House Charities to be able to view the San Diego Zoo Kids channel. Rady Children’s Hospital has given the Zoo Kid’s Channel the chance for life. San Diego Zoo Global is a conservation society. They are consistently working on saving endangered species worldwide. T. Denny Sanford has provided the opportunity to spread the channel to children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the nation. The hope is that the San Diego Zoo Kids channel will eventually reach hospitals around the world.

by Saki Kahala


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