Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Get Hitched

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Sara Gilbert of the TV show called The Talk and Linda Perry, lead singer of a band called 4 Non-Blondes, recently got married. In 4 Non-Blondes’ most famous song, Perry would sing. “What’s going on?”

Sara Gilbert became known to TV audiences in the 1990s as the youngest daughter on the ABC network show called Roseanne. The show w was based on the stand-up act of the principal actress on the show named Roseanne. Roseanne Barr went on to be more famous for her private antics with her husband Tom Arnold. Tom Arnold beat up a paparazzi. People did not like her rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” at a baseball game. She sang it very badly and pretended to be a man after the song by scratching herself like a ‘man. Fortunately, Sara Gilbert did not take part in any of those antics.

She starred in the first season of The Big Bang Theory. She played the love interest of one of the male characters on the show.

Her next gig was on The Talk. The Talk is CBS’s answer to the ABC show called The View that was created by Barbara Walters. Both shows have only female hosts that talk about the issues of the day.

Linda Perry, Sara Gilbert’s new married partner, has become a busy woman over the years. She has proved to be a rock singer, song lyricist and record producer. As far as 4 Non-Blondes, she was the lead singer as well as the primary song lyricist. As a record producer, she started two record labels that have been quite successful in writing popular songs for popular female singers. “Beautiful”, sung by Christina Aguilera,”A Loaded Smile”, sung by Adam Lambert and “What You Waiting For”, sung by Gwen Stefani, were all composed and produced by Perry. One of their labels was in charge of the distribution of James Blunt’s music in the United States.

Gilbert had talked about her sexuality on The Talk. She believes that her ex-boyfriend. John Galecki, had helped her come to terms with her new sexual identity. She had met Galecki when she had co-starred on the Roseanne show.

Gilbert started dating Perry in 2011.

Perry popped the question to Gilbert last April. Perry and Gilbert were having a picnic in a Los Angeles park. A guitarist sat near them and started playing the “Love Song.” Perry took out a T-shirt and it said “Will.” The next said “You.” The full message of the T-shirts was. “Will You Marry Me?”

The marriage was last weekend. Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen, who happen to be hosts of The Talk, attended the wedding. They did not say specifically where the marriage was. All they would say was that the marriage took place at sunset and overlo0ked the ocean.

Chen said that the honeymoon will be a week and Gilbert will return to the show next Monday.

This is not Sara Gilbert’s first long-term relationship. She had been with a TV producer named Alison Adler. With Adler, she had two children named Levi and Sawyer. Levi is their son and Sawyer is their daughter. They share custody.

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