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The dynasty of the Seattle Seahawks is set to begin, and the NFL Draft Daily’s review of all 32 NFL teams will be coming to unfortunate close. It’s been a fun run but let’s finish this off with a bang shall we? Seattle slaughtered opponents throughout last season, and completely throttled the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Finding a weakness on this team should be hard to find, but the NFL Draft Daily found one, and it needs to be addressed in order to continue their reign of terror this coming season. The Seahawks are set on defense, big contracts are on the way for all pro players like Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. Sure they could use another corner or two Seahawks NFL Draft Dailyto maintain their depth, but Sherman himself was a 5th round pick back in 2011; who says the Seahawks cannot find another gem later in the draft? A franchise quarterback is in place, a bell cow running back sits in the backfield, but you know; Russel Wilson could use a few more weapons.

Wide receiver was an issue of concern last year when their two top highest paid wide receivers missed numerous games. Percy Harvin spent practically the whole season on the sideline with an injured hip, and Sidney Rice only played half a season. Golden Tate has moved onto the Detroit Lions, which takes away yet another threat on the outside. The Seahawks did re-sign Sidney Rice but with the injury concerns of both Rice and Harvin, they must have more weapons if either fall to an injury. Another position of concern is tight end with Zach Miller getting a little long in the tooth. Miller has not been as productive as many had thought he would be after coming over from the Oakland Raiders. A young physical tight end like Notre Dame’s Troy Niklas, could provide a physical presence while using his 6’7 frame to become a top red zone target for Wilson.

The NFL Draft Daily is getting a little off topic here now, let’s get back to the wide receiver position in the 2014 NFL Draft. The slot wide receiver positions are manned by Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin. The outside spots are currently held down by Jermaine Kearse and Sidney Rice. Kearse had his moments of excellence in 2013 but weaknesses were defined towards the end of the season. Seahawks NFL Draft DailyThe Seahawks need the size on the outside and the ability to create plays for their quarterback; in which we now insert Florida State’s top target from last year, Kelvin Benjamin. Benjamin is a freakish type athlete, standing at 6’5; the Florida State standout made leaping over defenders and catching red zone touchdowns, a regular occurrence. In two years Benjamin caught 19 touchdown passes, with 15 of those coming from the arm of 2013 Heisman winner, Jameis Winston. With the speed to stretch the field, hand soft enough to catch any ball in his vicinity, and the leaping ability to jump over any defender; Benjamin could become the next best thing at the next level. The question is, is Benjamin’s head into it? His off season heading into the draft has been unimpressive, as he has gained weight since the combine; and reportedly blew off a workout for an NFL team.

No matter the case the Seattle Seahawks need to find a big weapon for their franchise quarterback, and that guy is Kelvin Benjamin. Pete Carrol has been known to always get the best out of his players and there will be no difference in Benjamin’s case. The defense is scary and the Legion of Boom are hungry to continue their success; with an offense who can consistently put up the points, the ‘hawks just get that much more scarier. A dynasty is in the making, and with the dreaded 12th man having their back; the Seahawks remain the favorite for another Super Bowl appearance and possibly another Super Bowl Championship.

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