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Selena Gomez is obviously going through a really rough time right now and needs all the support she can get—especially from her estranged best friend Taylor Swift. Fans still remember the good old days, when the two singers were spotted out and about for dinners, or sitting together at award shows, always laughing. Ever since the two have stopped hanging out, Gomez has looked lost and miserable.

Since the two singers had a falling out, Gomez has repeatedly broken up and gotten back together with Justin Bieber, secretly checked into rehab and quickly left, fired her parents as managers, and became close friends with reality star sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Gomez was recently spotted partying at Coachella with Kendall and Kylie Jenner—and also with Justin Bieber. Although Swift loves music and dancing in a crowd, she was not spotted at the music festival. Gomez looked relatively happy, and even posted pictures of herself and the Jenner sisters on her Instagram account. However, after the festival ended, everything seems to have changed.

After parting with the Jenner sisters and Bieber, the singer suddenly stopped following them on Instagram and deleted all the pictures. The singer has also deleted both Justin Bieber and Taylor Swifts accounts. Then, as rumors started to swirl and people began to speculate as to why Gomez deleted Kendall and Kylie Jenner, along with Justin Beiber, Gomez deleted everyone and now follows no one. It seems that the star is determined to make a clean break from the people who were her closest friends only last week.

However, this development might give fans hope that Gomez and Swift will make up in the future. It was widely reported that Swift did not approve of Justin Bieber and gave Gomez an ultimatum to get rid of him. Gomez did not listen, and it seemed that she dumped Swift instead. Neither singer has spoken about the rumors that they are no longer friends. The Jenner sisters are reportedly good friends with Bieber, and when Gomez dropped them, along with Bieber, perhaps she was deciding that Swift had been right all along. Fans can only hope that this move will show Taylor Swift that she needs to support Selena Gomez right now and repair their friendship.

There are also reports that Gomez just wanted to get rid of people who were negative or toxic influences in her life. The singer has been spotted attending church regularly, hoping to find some peace in her life—which is full of media pressure and daunting expectations. Gomez has often spoken out to her fans about the pressure she feels to be sexier and fit into the Hollywood scene.

Right now, it appears that Selena Gomez needs a good friend to support her, and hopefully Taylor Swift sees this and reaches out to her old friend. Even though Swift might feel burned that Gomez hung out with a girl who also dated Harry Stiles, who Swift is still bitter about, hopefully that will not stop the two stars from rekindling their friendship. There is nothing more that fans would rather see, than these old friends hanging out, laughing, and Gomez finally happy again.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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