Shaquille ONeal and Charles Barkley MMA Fight


Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley have finally decided to take all their smack talking beyond the NBA on TNT. Anybody who follows the NBA on TNT shows before and after the games to see how much these two go back and forth. A bout in the Octagon will quite possibly settle the talk momentarily. They have no serious issues they just enjoy picking at one another. When asked by Kenny Smith, another commentator “why are you doing this?”, they say they “don’t know but it is gonna be hilarious.”

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 The Beatdown In The A-Town is set to take place. It is classified as a World Overweight Unification Bout between O’Neal and Barkley. It is slated to take place in Studio J. There is no updated information on if they will actually fight in the UFC Octagon or, if they will set one up. Either way this is MMA fight has the makings of a classic. The back-story on this fight is two retired men trying to prove themselves to each other.

This match-up does not constitute an even match-up. O’Neal is bigger and stronger and Chuck is smaller and slower. Speed and strength are key attributes in a successful MMA fighter.

Shaq vs. Chuck:

– Shaq is 7’1 and 324 lbs., and Chuck is 6’6 and 252 lobs
– O’Neal is 42 and moves a little faster than Chuck does at 51
– Chuck is taking MMA training and Shaq is banking on his size and strength
Shaq is a great defensive player, which will help deflect the pin from Chuck
– Shaq has a longer reach than Chuck. That gives him the advantage when it comes to grappling. He can get to him faster an extent reach

The two guys have broken down how the rules will be for the fight also. They are not permitted to punch this will be all ground action. There is no punching permitted, because Chuck does not want to hurt Shaq’s face, and make him uglier on television.

3 Fight Rule:

– The two will begin the match on the ground and the fight will consist of grappling.
– Absolutely No Punching in the face
– No Glove

The nature of this fight will not require any preparation or strategy, because they spar enough on commercial breaks. Besides all Chuck plans to do is choke the heck out of the Diesel. The problem with this concept is Chuck reaching Shaq’s neck before he gets slammed down.

Pre fight prediction: Shaq in round 1 with a submission hold, and then a pin. Due to the fact that Shaq has the clear advantage in many areas, he will more than likely be the victor. Chuck will literally just try fending him off, and ensuring he does not get another cramp. The rules do not permit anyone to stop to pinch their lips, so Chuck is out of luck with that cramp.

Overall: The two All-Stars appear excited for a chance to beat up on each other in a pseudo MMA match. Chuck says it is most defiantly going to happen, but that could be no more than just talk. Kenny and Ernie feel it is too scared to really go through with it anyway. On May 14, 2014 Shaq and Chuck will probably catch the biggest case of convenient amnesia.



Commentary By: Schelett Rickenbacker




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