Smart Phone Battery Coming to Market Can Fully Charge in 30 Seconds

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As smart phone users increasingly move away from using land lines and make the switch over to using mobile phones exclusively, it’s becoming more important than ever to find ways to improve upon charging capability and the lifespan of cell phone batteries. Many people who use smart phones use them while they are recharging, and that can be very dangerous.  Last year, there were reports that a woman was killed when her smart phone electrocuted her as she was using it while it was plugged into the charger. The tragedy shed light on the need for companies to improve smart phone batteries, and now, a battery is coming to the market that can fully charge in just 30 seconds.

The company that is going to bring this technology to consumers is called Storedot. The firm raised a lot of buzz recently when they displayed their future wares at a technology conference, during which they demonstrated the new battery and explained that it can move electric currents with lightning-fast speed; much faster than the batteries which are currently available.

One of the chief consumer complaints about smart phones is the excessive amount of time it takes to charge the batteries as well as the short lifespan of the charge. Up until now, little has been done to bring consumers new products that could solve these issues. Most of the current efforts have focused on utilizing solar energy; but now a smart phone battery is coming to market that can fully charge in 30 seconds.

The company says it’s their proprietary technology that has allowed them to develop this seemingly miraculous product. Indeed, the secret to this much-anticipated product sounds very futuristic: “nanodots.” Nanodots are made out of a surprisingly organic ingredient, and one that is incredibly common. Tiny crystals which are just two nanometers long have been utilized by Storedot. The company says these crystals are affordable, organic and very good at storing up a charge.

The organic materials the company is using to create their proprietary technology are no different from organic materials commonly found in the earth. Storedot says that crystals can form the nanodots via a process of self assembly. The natural glow the nanodots possess may also potentially be used to illuminate the phone’s display; a move the company says will be preferable to the types of displays used currently.

One drawback to the new technology is that the futuristic batteries are still going to have to be charged as many times as are current batteries. However, the fact that they will fully charge in just 30 seconds will most likely make them very appealing to consumers. This type of time-saving element is becoming increasingly desirable in today’s super fast-paced world.

The battery is currently in the prototype stage, but Doron Myersdorf, the CEO of Storedot, says his group is extremely confident that the smart phone battery that can fully charge in 30 seconds will be coming to market in about two years, especially given the fact that his company has already proven that their technology works. In 2016, consumers may be able to look forward to greatly reduced wait times to charge their smart phones.

By: Rebecca Savastio





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