Smoking Is Bad but Stopping Is Hard

SmokingSmoking is bad for the health and only hurts how a person looks, but how to stop when it is well-known that we should, and why is it so hard? An addiction is a hard nut to crack and that is exactly what cigarettes are, an addiction. The tar and nicotine call to the smoker and threaten to drag them down a road that is better left untraveled. Stopping this downward spiral is difficult at best, even when there are many tools out there to help the hopelessly addicted, to defeat the beast. There are patches and lozenges, and some swear by hypnosis and even acupuncture, but is the newest trend the way to go? E-Cigarettes are a contradiction in and of themselves, you can still get that all-consuming nicotine by just eliminating the tar, however how many smokers actually get to the zero tar and nicotine cartridges? What are the inherent health risks by using this liquid form of this drug, and these questions are prompting one State Senator to propose banning the liquid form of nicotine all together in his State.

There are some out there that say it is easy, just make it “uncool” but just how does that work? It could mean plain packaging, no more fancy colors and branding that make the next generation feel it is cool to smoke. Ireland is actually considering only allowing the sale of cigarettes for a limited time throughout the week, say 9 am to 3 pm, but won’t that just make those that are addicted and not worried about quitting begin to hoard their smokes? Then again, running out of cigarettes and not having the ability to just run to the corner store might make a good number of smokers rethink this dirty and smelly habit. Even E-Cigarettes have come under fire from some governments as they debate over banning the use of them in public because they project the image of smoking and therefore┬ásend out a positive image, possibly encouraging others that might have otherwise quit, not too. Never mind the possible health risks!

So again lets ask, if ┬ásmoking is so bad and as conscientious human beings it is in the best interest for health reasons to stop, how can it be made easier and not so hard? This is the age-old question that many have been asking since the banning of smoking in public places is being enforced in many States, and possibly best treated by the family doctor. Doctor’s can prescribe anti-smoking drugs which come with their own set of problems, such as the popular pill, Chantix, which has shown to increase thoughts of suicide and terrifying nightmares in some, while also proving effective to the actual stopping of smoking in a large percentage of those that used it. Quitting something as addicting as smoking is a purely individual task, and there are numerous medical support systems out there today to help those that are truly ready to quit.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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