Snooki Matches Fall Wedding With Baby No. 2


Snooki’s fall wedding was already a done deal, but on April 4, she wrote a blog post on her official website in which she announced that the nuptials will be matched with baby number two. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the petite Jersey Shore star talked about her unaltered wedding plans and what her second pregnancy will look like. March 2012 was also a good month for the reality show star and her soon-to-be husband Jionni LaValle, because they got engaged at the same time they learned she was pregnant. Two springs later, she talks about taking the next step and a second bundle of joy.

Us Weekly broke the news that Snooki will match her fall wedding with baby number two and she could not be happier to announce that she is “due in the fall around my wedding time.” She acknowledged the fact that 2014 is a busy year for her, but the second pregnancy is definitely not going to interfere with her dream wedding. She told MTV that she has been secretly trying to get pregnant since November last year, but she only succeeded when starting birth control again. Snooki also mentioned that her plans were to have a second baby before the fall wedding, “but it was taking forever.” Between monthly pregnancy tests and going off birth control, her wish came true when she stopped trying.

Snooki was never shy about her plans and on August 8, 2013, when she appeared on The View she revealed that, since she was an only child and didn’t always have a play mate, she wants to have many children.

Right when I get married I want to have my second kid right away,” she said during an appearance on The View in August 2013.

Pregnancy Plans

Snooki learned from the mistakes she made during her first pregnancy and said that, since she will match her fall wedding with baby number two, she wants to be “in shape.” For this reason, while being a healthy and glowing pregnant woman, she will also continue her usual trainings.

On her official website, she also slammed the sources that talked about her intention of outshining her best friend, Jenni. Back on season two of their reality show “Snooki & JWOWW,” the petite star is caught on camera while telling her best friend that she wants to conceive a baby at the same time with Jenni, so that they could enjoy pregnancy together and give birth approximately at the same time.

Hollywood Life was the first source to reveal the petite star’s second pregnancy, but Snooki did not want to comment back in February. The reason of her silencio stampa came on April 4, when she wrote on the website that she wanted to know the child was healthy and that the test results are good before they shared the news with the whole world. She also expressed her disappointment with regard to the manner in which the information was leaked, especially since the couple shared the news with only a few people before going public.

Although Snooki will match her fall wedding with baby number two, she wants to be in shape regardless of whether she will have given birth to Lorenzo’s brother or sister by the time the happy day arrives.

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