Sony and Gamestop Giving Away Tickets


Gamestop is coming together with Sony and Activision, and they will be giving away free tickets to the upcoming Spider-Man 2 movie. The only catch is that the free tickets will be given away on a first come, first serve basis so the lucky people will be the ones that arrive at their local Gamestop early. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game will be released April 29, 2014 and the free movie ticket giveaway is a one day only event. The giveaway will also feature such prizes as downloadable content (DLC) package, which will contain four super-powered suits to be worn by Spider-Man. They will be available for the PS4, PS3, X360, and the Xbox One.

In addition, the customers will get to see exclusive footage of the new film and also behind the scenes footage which promises to be a great treat for Spider-Man fans. As an extra surprise, PowerUp Reward Pro members that trade-in any items toward the purchase of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game will achieve a bonus 40 percent in-store credit. Regular customers will receive a bonus of in-store credit of 30 percent.

Many key characters will be featured in the game such as, a character that may be in Carnage, Kingpin, electro, Green Goblin, and Black Cat. There has been no confirmation as of yet, whether any of these characters will be seen in the movie, but the game will be released a few days before the movie release on May 2, 2014, so fans will not have long to wait for this confirmation. The graphics for the new game are simply fantastic. Once again the player will be playing as Peter Parker and will be coming across new and old enemies. It will be available on a variety of systems, including: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, WiiU, PC and 3DS. Prices will vary depending on the system. The tickets that are being given away are valued at $20, thanks in part to the collaboration between Sony and Gamestop.

The video game gives an alternative take on the upcoming movie and Sony has really outdone themselves on this one. Also, in the game players will be able to use dual web swinging, which was not in the previous game. It is just another way fans can become immersed into the world of Peter Parker. He has a cell phone which will serve as a map, progress indicator and menu. Fans out there will love this one, as there are many tiny details. There will also be some stealth options and acrobatic-like moves. However, a regular game player may decide  that this one is a bit too easy. Also, the web swinging is not automatic; timing is everything. None of the actors or actresses from the film voice the characters, which could be a letdown for some individuals.

Overall this is a fabulous way to get fans excited not only for the upcoming video game, but for the movie as well. However, in order to get the free tickets that Sony is giving away, customers must purchase a physical copy from Gamestop. Every Gamestop will be holding this promotion. There is no word on how many tickets will be available in each store, so make sure to arrive early.

Opinion by Heather Tillman


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