South Africa 2014 Elections Focus on the ANC Loss of Power

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The May 2014 elections in South Africa could result in the African National Party (ANC) recording a loss of power. The ANC has always retained a strong sixty percent vote since 1994 and at times higher in all previous elections. The final result for 2009 showed a decrease in popularity with the ANC losing more than three percent of their voting power.

The commitment of members is at an all time low, and the ANC party has experienced a tremendous number of defectors. The dominant ruling party who gained more than two thirds majority of votes in previous elections could experience a loss and a possible fewer than fifty percent retention of votes in the May 2014 elections.

Corruption is the highest reason for the faithful members defecting to opposition parties or setting up their own political party. Many people who left the ANC support the claim that more could have been done for the citizens of South Africa. The inequality is a serious problem and the failure of providing basic services raised a concern. Many loyal members who were part of the ANC’s struggle for freedom are renouncing their support amidst the embarrassing scandals surrounding President Jacob Zuma.

The scandal of senior government officials, the rise in corruption, the conflict within the labor sector and the ongoing union rivalries is an awkward time for the ANC. The slow economic growth, the high levels of crime, the failing education and health systems over the past twenty years are raising a concern among the citizens of South Africa.

The ANC rule is now severely being tested, and this upcoming election will determine how the mighty ANC is losing its powerful grip on the country. While the opposition parties criticize the ANC policies and wrongdoings during the campaigning for leadership, the ruling party does not have enough time to repair past damage and restore voter confidence.

The ANC hope to secure another sixty percent score in the election, the voters remain undecided about which political party will receive their vote. This is an extremely important election for South Africa and can indicate a significant change for the dominant ANC. Top trusted ANC supporters who are against the policies and corruption within the ANC have called upon voters not to vote in the election or to destroy the ballot papers if they do cast a vote. This call is for voters to take a strong stand against the ruling party’s governance. Voters have the power and opportunity to make a radical shift from rejecting a non performing party and allowing an different party to improve upon the governance of South Africa.

The loss of loyal patriots within the ANC will mark the 2014 election as a loss of support for the ruling party. Voters are expressing a fundamental necessity for good governance and the 2014 election will dramatically alter the strength of the ANC. The discontent among the people of South Africa is at an all time high.

Over the past twenty years, the majority of people have voted for the ANC party pledging their alliance for the freedom. Now as the elections draw nearer, the same people have come to realize that affiliation to one party does not conform to their basic human rights needs. The concept of the new principle strength of an election is their choice to change the democracy of South Africa. The power to change their destiny or continue living within the shackles of corruption.

May 7 can give an indication of this election being a crucial one and ultimately proving the real test of democracy. The outcome of the election can be different from previous ones based on the support structures of opposition parties. The ANC could experience a unexpected reduction and score below their previous high victories.

There is daily anti government protests happening around the country, and the emergence of new political rivals has left the ANC vulnerable. Powerful new promises from opposition parties are luring the loyal supporters of the ANC of the past to cast a vote for change.

The loss of three percent votes in the 2009 did little to motivate the ANC of the last five years and adapt a firmer support structure. The support gained by the rival political parties during the elections campaign can cost the ANC loss of more than ten percent. The younger voters of South Africa have indicated their desire for a sincere and honest government. The 2014 election of South Africa will determine their choice of government and if the ANC will indeed lose its power. Most elderly and rural voters will remain loyal toward the governing ANC party and will not consider changing political parties.

By Laura Oneale





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