Stabbing Rampage at Pennsylvania High School


 The Franklin Regional High School in Murryville was on high alert this morning. A juvenile suspect who was yielding two knives went on a rampage stabbing multiple students at a Pennsylvania high school. The report is that there were five students who had critical injuries, with a total of twenty injured in the stabbing. Nineteen students and one faculty member was injured, officials said. Those students who were injured were taken to several nearby medical centers. Four of the victims were airlifted from the scene.

Thomas P. Seefeld, Murryville Police Chief, made a statement and took questions from the media. Chief Seefeld stated the suspect is in custody with minor injuries. The suspect is a 16-year-old male sophomore at the high school. He was transported by the police and reportedly taken to a local hospital for minor injuries. No firearms were used in obtaining the student.

Chief Seefeld said, “We want the students to just run in a situation like this.”  Chief Seefeld went on to say that measures had been in place for any incident that may take place, and someone pulling the fire alarm was the right thing to do. The first call came into 911 at 7:13 a.m., where police and paramedics rushed to the scene, which is approximately 18 miles east of Pittsburgh. Seefeld asks that everyone send their prayers out for those who are not yet out of critical condition. There is not yet a known reason for the rampage the high school student went on in Pennsylvania, stabbing multiple victims. There is no clear idea as to why he choose the victims, or if they were just randomly selected.

Forbes Regional Hospital received the majority of victims, with the most critical being transported to Forbes. Dr. Mark Rubino stated that there were originally five students who were in critical condition. Two of those students have been stabilized and are being watched to make sure they are in the clear. Three students are still in the OR, with injuries that are critical and life threatening. The majority of the puncture wounds are to the lower abdomen on the right side. The hospital got the call at approximately 7:30 a.m. The response was coordinated with a support system of nearly twenty trauma surgeons. The trauma surgeons did the initial triage for the victims coming into the hospital. Triage being the process of determining the priority of the victims and treatments based on their condition. There was a call for all hands on deck from the command triage center that had been set-up.

The response by the paramedics was critical in saving some of the student victims. The stab wounds from the rampage at the PA high school needed a quick and timely response from these professionals. The clock was ticking in some of the injuries, and needed every moment possible to save the victims lives. A hospital official was proud of the response from all the staff involved, including the paramedics, trauma surgeons, nurses, and doctors that all had a hand in saving lives today.

In being asked about the emotional state of the hospital staff, Dr. Mark Rubino gave an emotional response. Assuming that what had just happened had set in, Dr. Rubino made it known that it was very emotional for those who live and work in the community. Dr. Rubino is a gynecologist who may have delivered some of the students who were now in his hospital. The clinical atmosphere and response was empathetic and professional.  The clinical skill and empathy was apparent in the critical moments when the victims were being brought in. There is a support staff being assembled that will range anywhere from social workers, psychologists, to chaplains. They will be available to the families, students, and those who were involved in the rescue.

This is another tragedy that has occurred at schools in America. This may stem some real conversation about what can be done to secure schools in the future. No one wants another rampage in any high school, whether in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the United States, and whether it is a stabbing or shooting, it needs to be addressed.

By Jabar Morarend

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