Superheroes Please Stand Up and Be Counted!



Superheroes, wherever you are, please stand up and be counted! While it is admirable that Hollywood has been pumping out the superhero movies in recent years, it begs the question: What are they really up to? Is it just for entertainment’s sake that they are doing this or is there some underlying motive that they are unwilling to share? What are they looking for and to whom are they looking for answers? Maybe what they are asking the world to do is answer the following call: Will the real superheroes please stand up! If people take the time to look around, these heroes are in plain sight without hiding their identity behind masks or suits of armor, without using some form of mutant power or coming from another world far, far away. Who could these superheroes be?

For the moment, take a look at the most overlooked superhero: Teachers. They put in long hours and are ridiculously underpaid. They are expected to teach children the tools it will take for them to be a success in the world, all the while keeping order in a disorderly classroom, all without so much as a “Thank you for teaching the children!”

Policemen and policewomen: They too put in long hours and are drastically underpaid, but there they are ready to lay down their life at any given moment whether or not they are on duty or off duty. Added to that is the fact that they are a target waiting to be shot and they have to carry the load of keeping their family safe if they ever take part in taking down some organized crime kingpin.

Firefighters: This group of superheroes are also available at a moment’s notice and are people the world cannot afford to be without. Taking on fires and charging into burning buildings to save people while risking their own lives is incredible and should not be overlooked.

The list goes on and on and includes pastors, coaches, parents and grandparents. Each of these have their own gift, their “superpower” so to speak, to be used to save those in need. What does a real superhero look like? In the early 1980s, Bonnie Tyler sang the song “I Need a Hero” in which Tyler was looking for a hero to rescue her from her plight. According to Tyler’s song, her hero had to be streetwise to fight against the odds. The hero had to be strong, fast and fresh from the fight. Her hero also had to be sure, appear soon and be larger than life. That is quite the bill to fill and there is no one who could fit into that costume unless they were perfect.

As mentioned earlier, parents could be superheroes whether it is just to their own children or mentoring other children. What does a real superhero look like? Someone who takes time to meet the needs of someone above their own needs and does not look for recognition. Someone who loves unconditionally and does not harbor any wrong done to them. Superheroes, please answer the call. Please stand up and be counted. The world is waiting.

Opinion by John Thomas

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