Teenage Boy Charged as Adult for Raping 8 Year Old


14-year-old boy in Baltimore is being charged as an adult in a sexual assault involving an 8- year- old. Baltimore City Police have been confronted with the harsh decision of charging a pubescent male as an adult. Often times in cases involving sexual assault legal actions must be taken in accordance with the nature of the assault.

Solomon Pule, the young man in question was caught in the act of sexually raping his younger cousin. His mother turned him in last Monday to authorities. She submitted a statement to the police explaining exactly what she witnessed. Pule’s mother said she sent her son and his cousin downstairs to clean the living room. She was busy upstairs putting her 2-year-old down for a nap. The when his mother finished she noticed how quiet it was. Her instincts told her something was not right, so she went downstairs to check on them.

When she made her way downstairs to the living room she was shocked to see her son mounting his little cousin. The little girl was laying defenseless on the love seat with her skirt up, and his pants were down. Pule also had scissors lying nearby to threaten the little girl. Police say that when the mother walked in on them the little girl jumped up immediately to explain. She told Pule’s mother he shoved his thing in her and, would cut her if she screamed. That explains the haunting silence that his mother picked up on.

Pule has openly admitted to raping his cousin after being interrogating by the city police. What would make this young boy quote “shove his thing” in his 8-year-old cousin? In situations like this mental test are run to determine if he was really cognizant of his actions.

Adam Rosenberg Executive Director of Baltimore Child Abuse Center has made a statement informing the public how frequent this is for adolescent offenders. “In 2013 alone we saw over 155 cases where the offender was age nine to age fourteen. Young offenders happen with some degree of frequency.” However, he is still exploring the motive behind such a disturbing act.

Rosenberg has many questions surrounding this case as it pertains to the perpetrator. He gave a statement to ABC2 questioning if Pule had been sexually abused, or whiteness domestic abuse. He feels that experiencing such events can lead to him raping this 8-year-old girl.

Studies have shown that there are a small percentage of offenders that have also been victims. This reinforces the need to identify if this young boy was victimized at one point or another? There is no way of determining this physically. However, it might be useful to investigate that possibility. If he had been then, it is possible that he should get treatment as well as proper punishment.

Rosenberg pointed out that getting to the root of this problem would help more children. It is also his belief that receiving counseling is necessary for Pule and the victim. Gaining understanding on what led to Pule raping his little cousin will help to prevent further action.


By: Schelett Rickenbacker



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