Thai Crisis Could Be Solved by Court

thai crisis

Thai Crisis could  be solved by the Constitutional Court of Thailand ruling on a petition hat wants to oust the Thai prime minister from power.  Ruling is one of the few ways that could resolve the Thai crisis.

Yingluck Shinawatra technical title is Caretaker Prime Minister of Thailand as she has not sworn in to become the new prime minister.Yingluck could have been elected on February 2, 2014. The opposition did not participate and the people did not participate.  The election was voided. Thailand tried again in March to have an election,  but it failed as well.

The Thai election process is usually that the people vote and the cabinet ministers are chosen from the party that gets the most seats in the Thai parliament.  The current King of Thailand swears in the new cabinet.  Yingluck would only be prime minister if she was sworn in by the king.Yingluck and the people of Thailand are stuck in limbo until somebody can resolve this Thai Crisis.

The petition is not the only reason that Yingluck is going to be appearing in court in 2014. A group of Thai senators want the high court of Thailand to fire the caretaker prime minister because of her 2009 decision to remove a Tawin Pleansri from being the head of the Thai National Security Council (NSC).  She made him be just a prime minister’s adviser.  It was a demotion for Tawin.

Since 2009, Tawin has been using the Thai court system to get his original NSC head position back. Last year, the Administrative Court ruled that Tawin’s demotion was illegal.  Yingluck appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court and lost. The court ordered Tawin to be reinstated as NSC head.

Tawin says that he was not involved with the court case.  He just wanted to return to his NSC position as soon as possible because he is scheduled to retire at the end of September,

Tawin believes that the Thai senators petitioned coned the court since it involves acts of the caretaker prime minister that could violate the Thai constitution. Yingluck will not comment on the Tawin court case.

While the Constitutional Court accepted the petition o dismiss the current caretaker PM,  it did not accept petition from the current caretaker government.  Chalerm Yubanrung, the caretaker deputy prime minister in charge of  the special security operations, wanted the court to stop the opposition protests.

The Thai opposition has been protesting for months against Yingluck’s rule and partially responsible for the current Thai Crisis. 24 people have died in the protests and hundreds have  been injured.

The Thai National Anti-Corruption Commission is ganging up on the current caretaker government, too. They accuse the current government of not handling the rice subsidy program correctly.  If they ruled against her, she could impeached by the Thai senate.

Before the subsidy program existed, Thailand was the n umber one exporter of rice in the world.  It is no longer number one.  The caretaker government has blamed everyone else for the failure of the program. The government even blamed the protests, even though the protests happened after the failure of the program.

The Thai farmers are not too happy about the failure of the program.  They feel that the government owes them money. The government has not paid them and probably will not pay them. The Thai farmers threatened to take over one of the main airports in Bangkok. They did not. If the Thai farmers actually decide to protest, the Yingluck government could be in real trouble as Thai farmers are one of the most powerful groups in Thailand.

The Thai Crisis has reached a point that somebody has to settle it or Thailand will never recover from it.

By Tom Clark


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