‘The Biggest Loser’ Winner Gains Weight

The Biggest LoserThe Biggest Loser winner, Rachel Frederickson, has gained weight, but it is not a bad thing. After gaining 20 pounds, the 24-year-old says she is at her “perfect weight” and happy to stick at it.

Frederickson turned heads and had the show’s personal trainers looking on in shock when she revealed 105 pound body in the show’s finale. It sparked an outcry of people claiming that she had lost too much weight. The network and show producers refused to comment against the large weight loss that saw her shedding almost 60% of her bodyweight.

The 24-year-old tried to fight back, by explaining that she was an athlete and happy at the size she was in February. However, her own personal trainer explained that there was still some way to go to help with the mentality that some slimmers find they have to combat: feeling the constant need to be smaller than is healthy. At 105 pounds, The Biggest Loser winner was underweight according to her Body Mass Index (BMI), which takes height and weight into account.

There were mixed views after her reveal. While some people were shocked that a slimming show would support an unhealthy weight loss, many hit out at critics claiming that some people are never happy.

However, it seems like Frederickson was not completely happy in her slimmer skin. The winner of The Biggest Loser now says that she has gained weight to go up to 125 pounds.

She is thankful for the backlash after winning the show. According to her, it brought up an important point about body image, which is something that many young girls and boys have to deal with. Magazines constantly show that obese is unhealthy, while promoting the skinny models in fashion magazines. Just starting a discussion about it is important, according to the voice actress.

She has kept in touch with her fellow Biggest Loser contestants since leaving the show. It helps each of them stick to their weight loss plan and reach their preferred goal weights. However, they also keep in touch with a psychologist from the show, who presumably helps to keep each contestant on track and makes sure everyone is losing weight slowly and properly, while not going under their BMI.

Another important factor is the nutritionist, who Frederickson explains is someone she calls daily. She not only finds out about new vegetables and the nutrients in certain foods, but she can find out ways to cook things and new ways of eating them. It can help to create a more varied and exciting diet, while remaining low in calories and nutritious.

The slimming show winner now trains six days a week, but only loosely counts calories. She does not beat herself up when she has an Oreo, but has more control now. That will hopefully help her avoid going back to the 260-pound frame she had when starting on the show. It is not often a slimming competition winner will gain weight and it will be a positive thing, but that is the case for this year’s The Biggest Loser champion.

By Alexandria Ingham


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