‘The Other Woman’ Topples ‘Captain America 2’ at Weekend Box Office

The Other Woman

It was a good weekend for Cameron Diaz. Her new comedy, The Other Woman, toppled Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s three-week reign atop the domestic box office. The comedy had a strong opening weekend, grossing an estimated $24.7 to earn the top spot. The film currently boasts a 25% “Rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes and overcame very negative reviews.

Twentieth Century Fox’s strategy of a female-driven comedy, based around a plot of three women getting revenge on an unfaithful man who had relationships with all of them, worked very well for female movie-going demographics. According to analysts, the reportedly 75 percent female audience gave the movie a strong counter-programming boost. The movie also had a strategically strong release spot. It comes several weeks after the opening of the spring comic book superhero extravaganza, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which has already grossed a large portion of its total box office revenue. In addition, The Other Woman was released a week before the domestic opening of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In short, The Other Woman carved out a nice weekend to dominate. Since Cameron Diaz-starring comedy was made for a modestly budgeted $40 million, there was way less of a risk positioning the film a mere week before the opening of everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier also drew decent business, grossing an estimated $16 million for its fourth weekend, bringing the movie’s total to $224.8 million in the US. Despite The Other Woman toppling Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the weekend box office, the sequel is still comfortably sitting on a worldwide take of $645 million. That puts the film within spitting distance of the worldwide box office take of 2013’s Man of Steel, featuring Superman, which grossed $668 million worldwide. This is a number the star-spangled man with the plan is going to pass easily.

The faith-based Christian drama, Heaven is for Real, also showed remarkable staying power at the box office. Proving once again there is money to be made in the Bible Belt of Middle America, the film grossed an estimated $13.8 million over the weekend. This raises its current domestic box office total to about $51.9 million. With only a budget of about $12 million, Heaven is for Real is already a highly profitable success.

Rounding out the top five were Rio 2, which made about $13.6 million, and the action movie Brick Mansions, which made about $9.6 million. Rio 2 continues to do decent business and now sits on a domestic total of about $96 million. Along with its strong overseas gross of $247 million, Rio 2 is now sitting on a worldwide total of about $343 million, a number which will continue to climb in the coming weeks. Brick Mansions, a new action movie starring the late Paul Walker, placed No. 5. The film is a remake of the French action movie District B13. The novelty of Walker’s presence in one of his final roles was not enough to give the action movie an extra boost. However, with a budget of about $28 million, it is unlikely that the action picture will be a huge box office loser or need a ton of money in order to break even.

In short, the stars of the weekend were Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton, the stars of The Other Woman. They should be happy, since expectations were not high for their comedic romp, The Other Woman, which has now toppled the three-week reign of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

By Jeffrey Harris


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