The Voice The Battles Round 2 Continue (Review & Videos)

The Voice The Battles Round 2 Continue (Review & Videos)

Tonight on The Voice, The Battles Round 2 Continue episode will see even more head-to-head singing Battles, as the remaining competitors eliminate each other by beating them in singing Battles — only the best will survive, the rest will go home.  The competition is just getting started — the best is yet to come!

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, says that Shakira and Usher have used their steals, but Adam and Blake still have theirs left. Chris Martin, frontman of Coldplay will be the mentor of all of the contestants.

Blake’s up first on The Voice, and he’s going to pit Biff Gore Vs. Sisaundra Lewis. They’re both remarkable singers with powerful voices, so this should be a great Battle. Blake handed them the list of songs they could choose from, and they chose to sing the James Brown song, “This is a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World.”

Blake said that Biff “looked like a man in absolute control” up on the stage. He added that Biff shouldn’t “try to mimic what Sisaundra does.”

Blake tells the camera that “at this point, it looks about neck-to-neck between Biff and Sisaundra.” With The Voice going to the first commercial break of the hour-long episode, there will be a few minutes before the first Battle begins.

Biff Gore and Sisaundra Lewis meet with their families before the Battle. Biff says: “My goal is to win the entire competition.”

“Losing is not an option. My Plan B is my Plan A — to win,” Sisaundra Lewis said.

Biff began the song, and he WAILED on the opening line, singing very soulfully and giving it a bluesy feel. Sisaundra, not to be outdone, also WAILED — she has such a powerful, AWESOME voice, and a wide vocal range. They both definitely chose an AMAZING song to open up tonight’s episode of The Voice.

Usher: “Having performed the song myself, I know how difficult it is to pull it off. I’m proud of both of you. I’m going to say I’d give it to Biff.”

Shakira: “Biff, I’m a huge fan of yours. Sisaundra, your register is SICK, SICK, SICK!”

Adam: “What planet do you come from, Sisaundra? All we have to teach anyone on the show is what you guys did.”

Blake: “Biff is such an entertainer. And, Sisaundra, what planet do you come from? I can’t miss out on losing an amazing talent like Sisaundra. Sisaundra, you’ve got the win.”

Adam and Blake decided not to use their steals to get Biff on their teams. After another commercial break, Team Shakira’s first match-up of the evening will perform and Battle against each other.

The pair will be Deja Hall and  Ddendyl. Shakira tells them to pick one song that will be best for both of them Then, the girls got to meet Chris Martin, and they were both very excited to see him. They chose to sing “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera.

Shakira says that Deja has never been in a committed relationship, so she has a hard time putting emotion into the song. Chris Martin suggest to Deja that she use the microphone stand.

Carson says it’s the night of their Battle. Shakira will have a tough decision ahead of her –right after yet another commercial break, though, and after we hear the two young ladies go head-to-head in a singing Battle.

Ddendyl began the song. What a beautiful, amazing voice! Then Deja began to sing, and her voice was also TERRIFIC! The song is so emotional; the audience and judges were held spell-bound by their AMAZING performance. The audience gave them a standing ovation.

Adam: “I can’t imagine two more different singers. Ddendyl, with so much vibrato, but staying on key, I admire that.”

Blake: ‘You guys are incredible singers, both of you.”

Usher: “Who do you choose to invest in, because they are so different from each other? Deja, I would pick you.”

Shakira: “Ddendyl, your voice is perhaps the most unique one here. I think that the one person who made the most progress and tangible choice is Deja — she’s the winner of this Battle.”

Shakira also chose to pair Kristen Merlin Vs. Emily B to sing the Dixie Chicks song, “I Can Love You Better.” The winner was Kristen, though we didn’t get to see the Battle. No steals were used on Emily B.

Carson recapped who each of the coaches chose to be on their teams. There’s just one Battle left — he’s pairing Stevie Jo against Morgan Wallen. Usher told Stevie Jo that “I must commend you,” for choosing that song and doing so well on it.

Although Morgan didn’t like how he did in the last Battle, he showed off his confidence and stage presence, and he won it. They chose to sing “Story of My Life,” by One Direction.

Usher said that the song represents them vocally and who they are becoming as artists.

Chris:  “Stevie Jo and Morgan have different tones, but that’s all right. The members of One Direction have five different tones.”

Stevie Jo says that Usher has taught him so much so far, about rounding his notes and committing to the song.

Usher wonders if Morgan “will buckle under the pressure.” Blake is the only coach with a steal left. Which one of these two will Usher declare to be the winner, and who will Blake steal?

After the two competitors met with their families, they were ready for the Battle. Carson introduced Morgan Wallen first, then Stevie Jo.

Stevie Jo began the song, singing very strongly; then Morgan added his voice, and they harmonized really well together. This we a PERFECT way to end this episode of The Voice — they got a standing ovation from the audience.

Shakira: “I didn’t know, Morgan, that you had those raspy notes in your voice. You sounded like a member of One Direction.”

Adam: ‘I thought that Stevie Jo would just kill it. But, I was impressed by you, Morgan.”

Blake: “If it helps you at all, I think I’d give it to Stevie Jo.”

Usher: “You have a falsetto, dude. I didn’t know that.”

Morgan: “Neither did I.”

Usher had to choose a winner, so he picked Stevie Jo. Will Adam use his last steal on Morgan? As Morgan is walking off the stage, and fist-bumping the coaches, Adam hit his button and used his steal!

Carson says that the last night of Battles will be next Monday, and Blake will be the only judge left who has a steal remaining, since Adam used his tonight. Then, the Playoff Rounds will premiere on Tuesday.

All of the performances on The Voice tonight was INCREDIBLE! Highlights of this episode included the first Battle Round of the evening, Biff Gore Vs. Sisaundra Lewis. going head-to-head singing “It’s a Man’s World,” and the final Battle of the night, Stevie Jo Vs. Morgan, singing “Story of My Life.” Comments? Leave ’em below, please, as usual!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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