The Voice The Live Shows Premiere (Review & Videos)

The Voice The Live Shows Premiere (Review & Videos)
On The Voice tonight, the Top 12 performers left will be entering a new phase of the competition, the Live Shows. You, America, get to vote, and get a say in who stays and who will go, based on how the competitors perform and which ones you like the most! The judges are each starting off tonight’s episode of The Voice with three performers on their teams — who will be the first one to go?

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the show by saying that who will stay and who will go is now totally in America’s hands. The coaches will try to prepare their team members as well as they can, but they no longer have a say in who will be eliminated from The Voice. Two of the competitors will be going home tomorrow, according to Carson.

First, we see Usher working with Bria Kelly, who will be singing “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Usher said “You’re ready to shock America.” He wants America to “savor” her voice, and says that she’s “an amazing artist who could be on the radio today.’

Bria Kelly began the Adele hit confidently and made it her own. The audience clapped along as she sang it. She sure can sustain notes! Her voice soared, and the audience wildly applauded and gave her a standing ovation.

Shakira: “I have to say taking on an Adele song is really a challenge, but if anyone can do it, it’s you. I’m so glad to see you showing your true colors and what you’re made of.”

Adam: “The key is hard. It’s a lower key. I like to hear it in a higher key. I applaud you for doing something different. Great job, though, really.”

Blake: “I love the rock edge you brought to it.”

Usher: “This was the first time we took a stab at a contemporary record, and you chose to introduce the world to how you are as an artist. You were connected and gave me the energy I was asking for.”

Carson said that when The Voice returns after its first commercial break, Delvin Choice of Team Adam will be singing “Unchained Melody.” It’s a beautiful but ambitious song, and it will be interesting to see how Delvin does with singing it. Adam sang a bit of it, and he was CRAZY GOOD.

Delvin might not have quite the vocal range of Adam, but he did a pretty impressive job singing it. He had the audience cheering and clapping their hands at various points during the song. He sings the deeper registers far better than the higher ones — he got the second standing ovation of the night.

Blake: “You sang the CRAP out of that song!”

Usher: “I do feel you have an amazing talent! There was a rejoiceful nature to the way you sang it.”

Shakira: “As always, you delivered an amazing performance. Truthfully, I didn’t concentrate too much on the technique; I just enjoyed it.”

Adam: “This song is one that builds to a cathartic moment. I’m so happy you did well.”

The Voice went to the second commercial break of the evening. After the break, Carson said that there will be more great singing to come on The Voice.

Carson Daly introduces Dani Moz of Team Shakira, and we see a brief recap of how she did last week. She will be singing “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink. Shakira tells her it shouldn’t becoem just “musical theater.”

“Shakira is hands down the best coach for me,” Dani said.

Dani began the song kind of low key, with a piano to accompany her. Then, as she sang “Just give me a reason” for the first time in the song, Dani kicked it up a WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL, and ended up doing a very good job of this Pink song.

Adam: “The hardest thing about the song is that there’s no time to breathe. You did a FANTASTIC job. The only thing I thought is that I would have liked it to be even more dynamic.”

Shakira: “She was measured. She started it off contained.’

Blake: ‘Adam is WRONG, SO WRONG, Shakira. She was picking her moment, wasn’t she, Shakira?”

Shakira: “You did unbelievably well. Your dynamics were great. You have the sickest range!”

Carson said that Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake will be coming up after the next commercial break singing a song that’s never been sung before on The Voice.

Back from the commercial break, we hear Blake saying that he’s given Audra the Juice Newton song, “Angel in the Morning.” Blake said he “liked the idea of her being stationary for her breathing.”

It proved to be a great song choice for Audra, who WAILED on it. The audience waved their arms in the air, and cheered as she finished, she got yet another standing ovation, joining the acts that came before her tonight.

Usher: “You have such an incredible, powerful voice with so much character. I’d have to pee if I tried to hold a note that long.”

Adam: ‘When Blake holds out a note like that, he actually DOES pee. You’re always fantastic. I’m a fan of yours.”

Blake: “I know that you’ve been going to school to be a medical assistant, but I don’t see you doing that with your life. I’m so happy and thrilled to have this opportunity to work with you. You’re one of my favorite country music artists, you really are.”

Carson said that T.J. Wilkins and others will be coming up right after the break on The Voice.

After the break, Carson Daly said “Let’s continue tonight with Team Usher and T.J. Wilkins.” Usher chose “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer to sing. Usher sang a part of it as Marvin Gaye would have sung it.

T.J. Wilkins has a very soulful voice, and this song was a great fit for him. He brought a very Motown sort of feel to it, and the audience clapped along as he sang it. T.J. also showcased the range of his voice in parts of the song. The audience, Usher, and Shakira gave him a standing ovation.

Shakira: “I just adore your voice!”

Blake: “You have something infectious about you — in a good way.”

Usher: “Everyone on our team went with a current contemporary record. You’re a leader, man! And you got a cool haircut. I saw you command the audience. THAT’s what we need more of.”

“Christina Grimmie of Team Adam will be singing after the next break on The Voice,” Carson announced right before yet more commercials.

We got to hear a recap of how Christina, who’s been called a “Baby Celine,” got to this place in the season. Then, Adam said she’ll be singing “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry.

Adam said that she had to maintain a delicate balance as she sings this song. It’s full of nuances.

Christina ROCKED IT OUT! She did an AMAZING job of singing it, and it was a great song to display her wide vocal range. That had to be the best performance of the night on The Voice thus far.

Blake: “You’re one hundred percent proof that dynamite comes in small packages. You’re the artist to beat on Adam’s team.’

Shakira: ‘It’s a complicated song. I didn’t know if you could do the falsettos that well. You NAILED it, girl!”

Adam: ‘You’re covering songs, doing other peoples’ songs, but I might as well have been watching the VMAs. It was so YOURS.”

Usher: ‘She actually is the best artist on your team.”

Carson then introduced Sisaundra Lewis of team Blake. Sisaundra is one of the favorites to win this competition. she will be singing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me,” by Elton John. Elton is such an incredible singer, it will be tough to do this song well; but, Sisaundra is a champ.

Sisaundra did a TERRIFIC job singing it, and making it her own. The backup singers made it sound almost like it could be a gospel song. The audience clapped and gave her a standing ovation.

Usher: ‘Does it get any better than this? Every time you come out, you blow everyone’s socks off. Your voice is AMAZING.”

Adam: “Honestly, the restraint that you showed — that was the most beautiful part of the performance. That was super cool.”

Blake: ‘At what point do we say, okay, let’s reel it in. I want to say to you I hope you’re taking all of this in, and are enjoying what’s happening. People love you.”

“When we come back, Kristen Merlin will be singing a Sugarland classic and Kat Perkins will be singing a Heart song,” Carson Daly said, right before The Voice went to another commercial break.

Kristen Merlin of Team Shakira will be singing “Stay.” Kristen said that this song shows a lot of human emotion. She is sometimes uncomfortable express emotionally, but this song is a perfect choice for her.

Kristen has a FANTASTIC voice, and she NAILED this song. Team Shakira will be difficult to beat! though her mike failed, so kept right on singing! The audience gave her a standing ovation, ‘natch. Shakira looked overjoyed.

Adam: “That was great! It put you in an adverse situation, and you overcame it. You handled it so gracefully, it was as if nothing had happened. Well done!”

Blake: “You keep on getting better and better! For you to take that chance and sound that incredible – I can’t stand Shakira right now!”

Usher: “I was able to have an intimate moment with your voice. I LOVED it.”

Shakira: “I was just lost in this moment, I was mesmerized, and I think the audience was, too. You’re unbelievable!”

Carson said that Kat Perkins will be up next on The Voice, after still more commercials. She will be singing the Heart song “Magic Man.”

Kat Perkins ROCKED this Heart song, and she had the audience in the palms of her hands. The song was perfect for her, and Adam said afterwards that it was one of those songs that was “impossible” to sing, but she NAILED it. As she finished, the audience erupted into applause and gave her a standing ovation.

Blake: “Am I correct? Were you a nanny? You’re a ROCK STAR!”

Usher: “That was really amazing! You’re introducing yourself to the world as a solo artist.”

Adam: “You guys, it’s impossible to sing these songs, but you do it!”

Carson says that “Coming up on The Voice, Jake Worthington will be singing a Travis Tritt song.”

After the break, Jake Worthington took the stage and sang “Any More” by Travis Tritt. Before his performance, Blake said that “Jake is going to bring this song to a whole new audience.”

Jake took the stage and sang this Travis Tritt song with a ton of emotion and passion in his voice. He did a TREMENDOUS job singing it, and had the audience clapping along and cheering at various points a she sang. As with the other performers, the audience gave Josh a standing ovation.

Shakira: “Every week, your appeal grows. Honesty goes a long way.”

Blake: “What Shakira said is the exact truth. In country music, honesty is everything. You made me proud.”

Carson said: “Give it up for Jake Worthington! Coming up later on The Voice is Josh Kaufman singing the Sam Smith song, “Stay With Me.”

However, when The Voice came back from another commercial break, it wasn’t yet Josh’s turn to perform. Tess Boyer was up next from Team Shakira. She’ll be singing the Bon Jovi song “I’ll Be There for You.”

Tess brought forth her Inner Jon Bon Jovi, and did an AWESOME job singing this song!

Blake: “I think you’re the artist on Team Shakira to beat. I really do. You’re going to go so much further; I truly believe that.”

Usher: “You’ve been able to take all you’ve learned and we, collectively, celebrate you.”

Shakira: “Tess, nobody can deny your powers as a technical singer. You NAILED it! I just love you, Tess!”

Carson said that one more artist remains. He again reminded America how they could vote for their favorite artists, and then he introduced from Team Usher Josh Kaufman, who will be singing “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. It’s a contemporary, yet very soulful, song. Unfortunately, the song wasn’t posted at YouTube at the time this Recap/Review was completed.

Usher told him to give his energy to the entire room, to connect with them. “It now has to become about his stage presence,” Usher said.

Josh Kaufman KICKED BUTT with this song! There was a special effect on the stage that made it look like rain was falling behind him.

Josh needed no other special effects than the power of his voice, though – he sang this song uber soulfully, hitting the higher notes with ease. He also got a standing ovation, of course!

Shakira: “Josh, I’m such a fan of yours! You knocked us out with the sickness of your voice!”

Adam: ‘Josh, I’m so stupid! Every time you get up there, I realize it more and more. That’s the perfect song for you — Usher made the perfect call.”

Blake: “I’ll say it for the third time tonight. In my opinion, you’re the guy to beat on Team Usher. You’re that good.”

Usher: “My God, you’re incredible, man! You told all of us a story. You completely commanded the entire room! You have completely made this my night!” Josh is certainly one of the better performers on Team Usher, making himself a major contender in this competition.

What a great way to start off the Live Shows on The Voice! Tomorrow evening, we’ll see even more fantastic musical performances, and learn which two of the remaining 12 performers will be sent home by you, America, and which 10 will be staying on to continue performing next week. What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Voice? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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