Titanfall DLC to Drop in May

titanfall, dlc

titanfall, dlc

It has been announced at a panel for PAX East 2014, that the game Titanfall is getting its first downloadable content (DLC) pack called Expedition, which is set to drop in May this year. The DLC’s plot is apparently set after the events in the game’s multiplayer campaign.

Titanfall is a title that was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released on March 11, 2014 for the Xbox One and PC. The release date for the Xbox 360 came nearly a month later, on April 8. The game is exclusive to Xbox consoles and Microsoft Windows and is a first-person shooter that consists of only one mode, which is online multiplayer. In the game, players engage in battles, placed on teams consisting of six members each. Players have the option to either fight as the free-running pilots who have abilities such as wall-running and x-ray vision or inside mech-style walkers called Titans. The game is based around completing team-based objectives.

Respawn Entertainment, developers of the game, was founded by Infinity Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampanella, who were both fired from Activision after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in 2010. The reason Infinity Ward gave was that they had breached their contracts. After a series of lawsuits and an ensuing staff exodus, West and Zampanella founded Respawn, with the team including much of the former Infinity Ward staff.

Pre-production for Titanfall started in 2011, with much internal debate about the human and mech feature and the fact that they decided to forgo a single-player campaign in favor of a strictly online-multiplayer game. The game was officially announced during the E3 2013 press conference and at the E3 Critics Awards, Titanfall won a record-breaking total of six different awards, including Best in Show, Original Game and Best Online Multiplayer.

The DLC pack for Titanfall, which is set to drop in May, is said to include three new maps. The new maps are called Swampland, Runoff, and Wargames. Respawn has stated that the map of Swampland will contain large trees, which will enhance the game’s feature of allowing the pilots to wall-run. Runoff’s map is composed of pipes and water. The final map, Wargames, will be set in the area the Titan pilots train at. The base game has 17 maps.

Another feature of the new DLC that Respawn is adding is the ability to customize titans with different decals, which is said to be something that is requested often by fans. They are also implementing a hash tag system in which players with similar interests would be able to play together. At the panel, Respawn also talked about features that may be added to the game in the future, such as adding in daily challenges.

The season pass, which consists of the upcoming three map packs and extra content, will be priced at $24.99 and said to be cheaper than buying the maps separately, though the actual prices of separate maps were not said. Respawn announced that besides the DLC dropping in May, there will be two more map expansions planned for Titanfall. Dates on those have not yet been revealed.

By Jessica Cooley