Top Five Must-See Art Exhibits for Spring 2014

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Spring has arrived, and with it countless art exhibits to enjoy. From Paris to Madrid to Los Angeles, there are numerous must-see exhibitions around the world. Here are top five art exhibits that are now blooming in London, Paris, Rome, New York and Los Angeles.

At London’s National Portrait Gallery, Bailey’s Stardust retrospective runs until June 1, 2014. The English photographer-filmmaker’s legendary work takes visitors from David Bailey’s first Vogue cover in 1961 to an expedition to New Guinea where he photographed the East African famine in support of Band Aid. The art exhibit highlights more than 250 photographs, spanning five decades. David Bailey’s approach was candid and often controversial as he deftly captured and challenged his subjects with one click of the shutter.

The City of Lights presents Paris 1900: The City of Entertainment at the Paris Petit Palais, on the banks of the Seine, until August 17, 2014. From art to haute couture, more than 600 works take visitors into the period of Belle Époque (Beautiful Age). It was a time when the Exposition Universelle in Paris was signaling the arrival of the 20th century, and the city was reveling in the splendor of the city. This art exhibit showcases paintings, sculptures, photographs and films, costumes and jewelry among other objects d’art.

The Pasolini Roma exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome runs until July 20, 2014. This art exhibit explores the paintings, drawings, poetry, books and films of filmmaker-painter, Pier Paolo Pasolini from his arrival in Rome in 1950 and ending with his tragic death in 1975. His drawings and paintings represent a fundamental if little-known facet of Pasolini’s complex brilliance. Appreciated by many as a visionary thinker, his multifaceted work until his death was considered controversial for his radical views on Italian society.

Andy Warhol’s 13 Most Wanted Men and the 1964 World’s Fair is on exhibit at the Queens Museum until September 7, 2014. In 1964, the young emerging Pop artist, Andy Warhol kindled a slight scandal at the New York World’s Fair. As part of a public commission for the fair, Warhol enlarged 13 mugshots of the most wanted criminals of 1962. When the fair opened, all that was visible to the public was a large aluminum-silver colored square. The Warhol art exhibit highlights this incident by addressing its creation and destruction. It has been placed in its “artistic and social context” with the juxtaposition of documentation, art and archival material.

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The Getty Center, in the West Pavilion, features the American Abstract Expressionist painter, Jackson Pollack’s Mural until June 1, 2014. Commissioned by art collector and socialite, Peggy Guggenheim in 1943, the mural is now considered one of the most iconic paintings of the 20th century. Newly restored, the mural denotes a transitional period in Pollack’s career as he shifted towards an experimental application of paint.

These above mentioned art exhibits are just a snippet of the U.S. and Europe must-see shows for springtime. From abstract, modern and photographic artwork to installations, armor and jewels, there is an extensive roster of art exhibits around the world for spring 2014 not to miss.

Opinion by Dawn Levesque

Le Petit Palais
National Portrait Gallery
Palazzo delle Esposizioni
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