Toyota Motor Corporation May View the World Differently

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation may have come up with an idea that could eventually inspire more innovative ideas to emerge pertaining to the entertainment aspect for backseat passengers. The “Windows to the World” vehicle concept originally developed by the automotive manufacturer is presumed to be designed with backseat passengers in mind as it affords the opportunity to change a road trip into a more exciting adventure. Passengers may be able to virtually interact with the world around them from the inside-out while driving on the road, which in turn could appeal to those who may appreciate the distraction on a long journey. With advanced technology, Toyota Motor Corporation may have literally turned its car windows into an interactive touchscreen interface similar to that of a fogged window that may be capable of interacting with the outside world that may have a seemingly different point of view.

This unique window may allow onlookers to recreate the visuals that may be seen outside while driving on the road. Toyota Motor Corporation’s seemingly different yet augmented window pane design may have the capability of being turned into a real canvas that can used by passengers to trace the objects from the surrounding world onto the window that are seen with each passing view. The zoom-in feature provided on the window pane may permit users to enlarge passing objects which may be beyond the cope of the passenger’s vision in order to have a close-up view of these objects. Not only is there the possibility that Toyota Motor Corporation may offer this feature as what seems to be one of the best components of the window’s interface, passengers may also enjoy the features that seem to be able to identify passing objects and display the title of those objects in a variety of languages. As a result, the exploring young passenger may seem to appreciate the benefits from gaining an expanded view of world knowledge referring to that of different cultures just as much as parents who operate motor vehicles manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation may appreciate this window’s value from an educational standpoint.

The Copenhagen Interactive Institute of Design along with the Toyota Kansei Design Division engineering team are assumed to be accredited for designing this new concept that may change the way consumers combine authenticity with imagination. In 2012, the “Windows to the World” concept design was speculated to have won the 2012 Core77 Design Award with much honor given to another feature of this interactive entertaining window pane that allows its users to view the stars through the panoramic roof. This extended feature of the window’s design may be also be able to provide detailed information about the constellations as well as other elements located in the universe. It may be speculated that this new innovative window pane design with its transparent touchscreen may seem like one of the biggest concept features for motor vehicles that are manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation, and could also see its way into becoming incorporated into the design blueprints viewed by different vehicle manufacturers around the world.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley