Toyota Recalls Over Six Million Vehicles


Another major recall has been issued by Toyota, the world’s largest automaker. Not long ago in February, the company recalled over two million cars for a software problem which caused vehicles to suddenly stop. Now Toyota recalls over six million vehicles for a number of issues extending to almost 30 different models. This recall announcement affects approximately two million vehicles in the United States while the remaining millions are located in South America, Japan, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

This recall, the second largest one in the history of the automaker, covers models which include the Corolla, Camry, Matrix, RAV4, Yaris, Tacoma, and the Highlander. Additionally, the Subaru Trezia and the Pontiac Vibe are also included on the recall list. The inclusion of the General Motors Co. model is due to the fact that both GM and Toyota have vehicles made at the same California plant and the Pontiac Vibe is the same as the Toyota Matrix. These models are recalled for air bag issues which revolve around a problem with the spiral cable attached to the bag. According to sources, this recall is unrelated to the GM recall for ignition switch issues which have been linked to about 13 fatalities. Subaru is partly owned by Toyota and the Trezia is the same model as the Toyota Ractis, also under recall.

The six million recalls are over a number of problems, states the company. Some of the almost two million vehicles in the United States may experience problems with air bags that may not deploy in a crash. These 1.3 million vehicles possibly affected by the air bag problem include the 2009-10 models of the Matrix, Tacoma, and Corolla. Additionally, the 2008-10 Highlander, the 2006-10 Yaris, and the 2006-2008 RAV4 could be affected by this issue. Toyota indicates that there could be damage caused to an electrical connection when the steering wheel is turned which may disable the air bag on the driver’s side. If the connection is damaged, the air bag warning light should go on. Over 100 instances of the warning light illuminating or the air bag not deploying in an accident have been reported. The company had another issue with the wiring on the air bags of the 2005-09 Tacoma which prompted a previous recall.

Another part of this massive recall affects approximately 500,000 vehicles in the United States. The recall was made to correct a problem with the seat rails on the front seats in which the springs to lock the seat in position may break. The seat rail recall is sent out for the 2007-10 Yaris, both the sedans and the hatchbacks and the 2008-10 Scion xDs. The 2006 Yaris hatchbacks are also listed under this recall.

The other reported issues are problems with a holding bracket for the steering column, some windshield-wiper motors, and a defective engine starter. While the company denies knowledge of any crashes or injuries related to the recalls, two fires have been reported in conjunction with the defective engine starter. Recently, the automaker settled with the U.S. Justice Department in which it had to pay over $1 billion in penalties for concealing information about defects on the heels of fines totaling more than $66 million due to delayed reporting on acceleration issues. Toyota has plans to look over and replace defective parts on the six million vehicles which have had recalls placed on them.

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