Ultra Fest in Miami a Success

Ultra Fest

One of the greatest electronic music festivals in the universe has once again commence its annual festivities in Bayfront Park. Miami is, as usual, a gracious host of Ultra Fest, garnering over 300,000 club heads and music junkies from all over the world in last years double weekend festival making it a complete success. This year show was moved to its original one weekend affair with more star power than years previously. From Deadmau5 making every girl and most guys scream, to Armin Van Buurren giving the greatest version of ‘Ping Pong’ in the history of forever, music enthusiasts are treated to a great quality of performance and experience that almost justifies the $600 ticket price.

Not even Miami’s unpredictable wind and on again off again storm can stop the party. As thunderclouds attempted its dull roar over the electronic melody, the flicker of lightning behind the Miami skyline looked absolutely gorgeous along with the strobe lights on center stage commanding all the concert goers attention. The cold stings of the rain were actually a relief in this humid heat and actually uninhibited the more shy guests and allow them to unleash dance moves not seen before in public. It is always something about rain that brings out people more natural personality.

It is fair to say that the presence of alcohol and other substances were being felt at Ultra Fest. While not everyone who attends music festival partake in legal or illegal substances and it is unfair to stereotype those as such, the behavior of the few who do are featured more prominently. That being said, being approach for Molly or Mary Jane is a common occurrence. Selling and using of drugs is forbidden are stated around the park and even on the ticket, however it is hardly enforced. While this did not hinder the success of Ultra Fest, Miami police still attempted to extinguish the problem in a not so subtle manners. With police in uniform full force at the event, it has failed to hinder the drug use. Access to such products have been found with little to no effort by simply asking around. Party favors have never been a stranger to music festival or events, however the ease as to obtaining such favors has been simplified with phone and social media, with dealers advertising on twitter on their whereabouts and prompting deleting them after their transaction. Regardless on which side of the fence you are on, MDMA is a very big part of the culture and it is growing.

Fans from all over the globe came by the thousands to attend Ultra fest, making the Miami event a success. While the Miami Police Department and commissioner have each stated their dislike for the event, another generational age group should not dictate a lifestyle they do not understand. It is not everyone’s cup of tea and the music type can be a bit take it or leave it, but for those who are fans of electronic music and fans of up and coming DJs, there is no showcase bigger in the world than Ultra.

Commentary by Hector Carrion

Beat Port
CBS Miami
Huffington Post

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