United Nations Claims Global Warming Is Bad

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The United Nations has made claims that global warming is bad and that the planet needs to spring into action now. This new warning from the United Nations is not the first dire warning for the fate of the planet. During 2007, the chief of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that if there were no actions taken before 2012, it would be too late. He claimed that what we did in the next three years would decide the future of the planet. Fast-forward to 2014. We saw no significant carbon-reducing steps taken to save the planet in 2012. Now since it is too late, why should the world spend any more money or time fighting global warming?

This is not the first time, and it will probably not be the last time, the United Nations will make claims that global warming is bad and immediate action should be taken. In 1989, Noel Brown, who at the time was the director of the United Nations Environment Program in New York, warned the world of a 10-year window to solve global warming. Brown said if there was no action taken, entire nations could be wiped out by the rising sea levels which would create an exodus of eco-refugees, political chaos, coastal flooding and crop failures. “These events should happen if the global-warming trend was not reversed by the year 2000.”

In 1922, The Washington Post gave reports on global warming as well. According to the newspaper, the Arctic Ocean was warming, icebergs were scarce and seals were finding the water too hot. Reports from explorers and fishermen indicated, to them, that the globe was warming up which was causing temperatures unseen in the Arctic zone. Experts at the time predicted that, in a few years, the melting ice and rising sea levels would make most coastal cities uninhabitable. The 92-year-old prediction has not happened to this day.

The United Nations’ forecasts for global disaster have never occurred either. In fact, there has been an unexpected 17-year pause in the rising of global temperatures even-though mankind has continued to spew record levels of carbon dioxide. These constant miscalculations seems to do nothing to deter those at the United Nations who believe all life on earth will die if we don’t follow their plan of action.

The newest information from the United Nations has since been toned down from its earlier reports because of failed predictions and the United Nations lack of ability to foresee the 17-year pause in global warming. Today there are various disagreements and discrepancies among the data from experts who wrote the early reports for the United Nations in the first place. This revelation has caused many people to doubt global warming is what the United Nations claims it to be. Critics of those earlier reports have argued that it would make sense to concentrate on adapting to the rising temperatures instead of trying to stop it.

Mankind would likely adapt to climate change in the same way humans have adapted since the Ice Age. New studies show the pros of global warming far exceed the cons. For example, higher carbon dioxide would bring about warmer temperatures, and more rainfall. Both of which would be beneficial for agriculture.

It could be likely that the reason the United Nations has regularly made claims about how bad global-warming is, is because it sells. This “crisis” allows taxing, spending and greater political control. If that is the true reason then there is no bad news here, only bad politics.

Opinion By Sarah Wright

The Washington Times

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