Utah: Police Find Remains of Seven Babies

UtahMegan Huntsman, 39, was arrested on six counts of murder. Her arrest came after the discovery in a previous home Huntsman lived in. Police found the remains of seven babies in Huntsman’s old home in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

The question that comes to mind is why not seven counts. Apparently the authorities have discovered one of the babies was stillborn. How they came to that conclusion is a mystery at the present time.

It has been reported that the current residents were the Huntsman’s older children, two adults and one teenager. It is baffling but the current residents have lived there for three years after Huntsman moved out. How did they not make this discovery before is just unbelievable. Had the ex-husband, Darren West, not come over to the home to clean, would anyone even know now?

When West began to clean the garage on Saturday is when the discovery of the remains was made.

The remains were found in a container and reported to the authorities immediately. Once the authorities were contacted they obtained a search warrant for the home and the current residents of Huntsman. During the execution of the warrant the authorities discovered an additional six containers, each had the remains of infant bodies in them. Nothing was discovered as of yet in Huntsman’s current residence

UtahThe ex-husband or Huntsman’s children are not suspects at this time. It comes into question why the older children or the ex-husband did not know what was going on. Could Huntsman have really hid the remains of seven babies she had killed in her Utah home? What about her pregnancies? Did no one wonder what happened to the babies after her pregnancy? This horrific crime has brought up more questions than answers.

Neighbors were shocked at the horrific discovery and accusations of the former resident. They appeared to be nice people and good neighbors on the outside. Huntsman had even done some babysitting for one of her neighbors. How scary that prospect must be now after the shocking revelation of horrific crimes occurring in that home.

The bodies of the babies were sent to the medical examiner’s office to be tested. They will be testing for cause of death and taking DNA samples to determine if Huntsman is the parent of all the babies. The prospect that the remains of the babies were not Huntsman just makes this story even more heart wrenching. The Utah examiner will give answers on the remains of the seven babies police found in the Huntsman’s home as soon as the results come back.

Huntsman will make her first appearance in front of the court on six counts of murder on Monday. The appearance will more than likely be a bail hearing to determine if Megan Huntsman will remain in custody.  Huntsman was charged with only six counts in the Utah discovery but there were remains of seven babies discovered by police so another charge of murder may be coming. Utah does use the death penalty in rare cases. They have sought seven cases in the last five years. Will they seek the death penalty in this case? The pressure will be on prosecution to get it right as this will more than likely be a high profile case as the facts begin to come out.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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