Where Else to Conceal a Loaded Gun Than a Vagina?

Vagina Gun

Monday afternoon, Dallas Archer, a 19-year-old from Tennessee, was arrested around 3:15 p.m. for driving with a suspended license. When the blonde teenage perp was brought down to Kingsport jail, police officers discovered the young lady had a little more in store for them. A loaded 5-shot miniature revolver was concealed in her vagina.

Performing a routine search, a female corrections officer noticed an “unknown object” protruding from the perp’s groin. Alerting another female cop, the two of them escorted Archer to the lady’s room where they extracted the hand-piece from its hiding place, according to statements acquired by The Smoking Gun. The recovered weapon was a loaded 4-inch long North American Arms LR 22 revolver.

vagina gun

Police said the tiny $250 gun found in Archer’s vagina belonged to John Souther, a 70-year-old retired Kingsport car salesman. Souther reported that this particular gun was stolen last year from of his 1994 Mustang during a car burglary. According to Souther, his car had been “ransacked” while parked in the car port in front of his home.

When he was told the gun had been recovered and where it was found, Souther responded with a resounding, “Oh, gosh,” adding that the “little fellow” will need a “bath in bleach.”

Archer’s incident is not the only case of a perpetrator being caught with a gun hidden in their privates. An Oklahoma woman, Christie Dawn Harris, was arrested last year with a loaded 5-shot revolver concealed inside of her vagina. While in transport to the jailhouse, Harris told cops several times that she needed to use the restroom, and while being searched for contraband, she “bawked” when was asked to lower her underwear. Furthermore, cops stated that she said she was on her period and did not want to drop her drawers. After eventually complying, a female officer reported observing a wooden and metal object visible in Harris’ vaginal area. It was later identified as a 5-shot revolver with a loaded chamber. The weapons possession among other charges landed Harris with a 25-year sentence.

At the time, Pontotoc County District Attorney Chris Ross stated, “It would seem to be a very dangerous place to carry a loaded firearm. If it goes off, it’s only going one place.”

Ironically enough, another Oklahoma citizen, Mark Gregory Valdez, was arrested and admitted into the county jail concealing a loaded firearm inside his rectum. Valdez was only arrested on a minor charge, subjected to a surface pat down, and never went through a metal detector. Therefore, Valdez got inside lockup with a Derringer pistol inside his rectal cavity. Valdez secret weapon was discovered after he began blabbing to other inmates that he had smuggled a gun into the cell. His fate landed him a felony charge and a spot in a hospital bed after suffering from complications of having a loaded weapon in him rectum.

On top of gun possession, Archer was charged with introducing contraband into a penal facility. She was later released after posting a $6,000 bond. The revolver recovered from her vagina has more than likely been returned to its owner for its bleach bath.

By Stacy Feder

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