Whoopi Goldberg New Gig as Marijuana Columnist

goldbergWhoopi Goldberg, actress, Oscar-winner, talk- show host, comedienne, and her newest gig, a marijuana columnist for Denver’s The Cannabist. The news and culture site is a focal point for legalized recreational marijuana, for The Denver Post.

Goldberg, 58, will write the column every two months, which will focus on her personal relationship with marijuana as a pain reliever for her glaucoma. Her first column made its debut on Thursday. She wrote about her love for her vaporizer pen, and how it has helped alleviate terrible headaches, pressure, and eye pain associated with glaucoma. “The vape pen has changed my life. No, I’m not exaggerating. In fact, her name is Sippy,” Goldberg wrote in her column.

She goes on to write that she didn’t intend for the column to be a complete gush about her love for her vape pen, but so be it. She explains that her vaporizer¬†pen is a she, and she named her for the little sips that she takes from her. Goldberg wrote “and with each sip comes relief – from pressure, pain, stress, discomfort.”

She also revealed that she used to take fistfuls of Advil every day to try to manage her glaucoma pain. The headache “comes on like freight trains” she explained. Then Sippy is used, and “it relaxes everything and calms everything,” she “takes the ache out,” Goldberg expresses in her column. She also wrote that she knows how much to use, or how many sips to take, to alleviate her pain, because the pain levels vary. “It’s important for people to know that there are alternatives out there to pain management, and this one is particularly magical” she wrote.

Medicinal uses of marijuana, including the sale, consumption, and possession of the drug, is legal in 21 states. Maryland is the most recent state to get on-board.

Goldberg, with her new gig as a marijuana columnist, is not the only notable person to make her feelings known on the drug. Morgan Freeman had plenty to say on the issue in an interview with Newsweek. He remarked that “it’s the stupidest law possible.” He went on to say that there are “zillions” of dollars being spent to “fight a war we can’t win.” Freeman also said “We could make zillions, just legalize it and tax it like we do liquor. It’s stupid.”

Politician Ron Paul has teamed up with others in the past, to sponsor legislation allowing states to license, regulate sales, and charge taxes on the commercial sale of marijuana. U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, is sponsoring the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2013. This would put an end to the enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that have either medical, or recreational use legalization. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Texas Governor Rick Perry, have also signaled that they are in favor of a change in federal policy that would leave the marijuana legalization issue up to the states.

CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta expressed his recent change of heart on the issue explaining that there has been some misleading on the subject for many years in the U.S., and “I apologize for my own role in that.”

Many can look forward to hearing more on the topic of marijuana from Whoopi Goldberg, as she settles into her new gig as a columnist for The Cannabist. The future of marijuana seems to be changing greatly, as more influential people step forward to express their views on the subject.

By Twanna Harps


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