A Brazilian Soccer Fan Is Killed by Tossed Toilet Bowl

Brazilian soccer
A Brazilian soccer fan lost his life during a soccer match when a toilet bowl was tossed from the stands in the city of Recife during, which is a host city for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. The toilet bowl was one of three that was ripped away from the restrooms during a melee between fans. This incident was reported by the Brazilian police on Saturday.

The death of the spectator hit by the toilet bowl actually occurred on Friday during a second division match between Santa Cruz and Parana soccer club teams. The match was hosted by Santa Cruz at the Arruda Stadium, and it ended in a 1-1 draw. The report of the fatal incident was given by an anonymous police officer who was not supposed to give out any information on the case.

The World Cup in Brazil is set to start in six weeks with the city of Recife hosting five games. The good news is that the Arruda Stadium is not going to be used for the World Cup next month. Instead, the new stadium, Arena Pernambuco,is going to be used, and the United States is set to play in this stadium against Germany on June 26.

This spectacle with toilet bowls being tossed and killing a spectator will raise questions about Brazilian soccer. Yes, this happened at an old stadium, but the fact that three toilet bowls were taken from the restroom and flung down onto people is really a disgrace. It definitely raises questions about security and control.

As reported by the press, during the melee between supporters of Santa Cruz and Parana, three toilet bowls were taken from of the restrooms and tossed from the stands. One of these toilet bowls proved to be very fatal. All three toilets were used as weapons to deliberately hurt people below outside the stadium. One of the toilets struck 26-year-old Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva who was reported to be walking outside the stadium.

It was reported that the impact killed the man instantly. A Brazilian physics professor informed the press that the toilet bowl likely hurled down on the 26-year-old man at 750 pounds of force. Since the incident, the authorities had to close the Arruda Stadium for investigation and will have the sports tribunal make a ruling on this unexpected case.

Violent outbreaks are common with Brazilian soccer spectators. The numbers of incidents at soccer matches in Brazil have greatly escalated in the last year. This type of violence has been very evident throughout and is raising eyebrows right when the World Cup is around the corner.

Last July in an amateur game, a referee defended himself with a knife against a player who attacked him. Spectators rushed the field and stoned the referee to death. That’s not all, the referee was also decapitated, and his head put on a pike. The player who was stabbed by the referee also died.

Additionally, Brazil has had protests since the Confederations Cup last year. Protesters are taking to the streets to claim that there is government corruption. Some people are reporting losing their homes in order for Brazilian authorities to make room for the tourist spots. Some of these homes were lost to build the news stadiums as well.

In the end, the toilet bowl that was flung from the stands will raise questions about security for many tourists when they come visit Brazil for the World Cup next month. This incident gives Brazilian soccer a bad reputation.

Commentary by Jose Herrera

Fox News

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