Abu Hamza Al-Masri Convicted of Terrorism Charges

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Abu Hamza Al-Masri

Abu Hamza al-Masri has been convicted of eleven counts of terrorism and now faces a life sentence in a maximum-security prison in North America. It took ten years for the U.S. to finally bring him to justice on American soil. It may have not been the wisest of moves on part of Abu Hamza al-Masri to operate in a country like UK which is a close ally of Unites States. He was smart enough to swamp the extradition with reams of red tape that delayed his extradition for almost ten years. In United Kingdom, he was widely known for his hate filled sermons, a blind eye and hooks replacing his arms. His extensive injuries according to his own testimony were inflicted while handling explosive material in a training camp in Pakistan. Among the convictions, the most crucial one pertains to Al-Masri’s training aspiring youth to perpetrate acts of terror in the name of Jihad. His trained accomplices, fulfilled their assigned missions in various countries resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. The Manhattan Federal Court found that he was directly involved in the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center.

The Egyptian-born cleric is presently 56 yrs old. He spent 15 years (1997-2012) working as the imam at Finsbury Park mosque in North London. During investigation, he was found supporting terrorist networks at a global scale. For many years, he brainwashed Muslim youth under the camouflage of “Jihad,” acting as a mentor for terrorism. He sent quite a few men for training at terrorist camps in Afghanistan. However, the court was able to substantiate the allegation for only a single individual who, on the directions of Al-Masri, was provided with necessary terrorism training by Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Abu Hamza Al-Masri was also accused of dispatching two followers to setup a terrorist training camp at Bly, Oregon.

Abu Hamza is well known around the world for being a proponent of radical Islam and delivering hate-filled sermons targeting the West. He instigated extreme violence in which people of all faiths (including Muslims) were harmed and lost lives. He is despised by many for brainwashing youth to commit heinous crimes of terror, and hated by Muslims for portraying people of the the Islamic faith as nothing but violence-loving hate mongers.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, which makes it the second largest religion with over 23 percent of the world’s total population being Muslim. People like Abu Hamza Al-Masri tarnish the image of a religion, which in essence is a peace loving religion and does not preach terrorism acts against innocent people. A small minority perpetrating acts of terrorism, give a bad name to a majority of the faithful.

Interestingly, the phenomenon of Muslims being labelled as terrorists has become so common that a stage comedy called “Axis of Evil,” literally points out that Muslims are now the new “blacks” in America. African Americans have complained for years about being singled out by authorities and discriminated against. All of this, thanks to the acts of the ignorant few like Abu Hamza al-Masri, who now stands convicted of his crimes, Muslims shall remain subject to racial profiling for years to come in countries like USA and UK.

by Omar Khan

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