AMC New Series ‘Halt and Catch Fire’


Halt and Catch Fire is the new AMC original series due to air on June 1st at 10/9c. For those who cannot wait, the network has released the first episode on demand and on social media website Tumblr (link posted below). The preview will be available up until May 31st.

The new show is a period drama, taking place in the early 80s in the heart of Texas’ computer industry. The story follows two programmers who work together at a computer engineering company. Lee Pace plays a visionary named Joe Macmillan, and Scoot McNairy plays a genius engineer named Gordon Clark. After Macmillan starts work, he learns that Clark has the dream and the skills to make a new computer like no other. The only problem is, that due to copyrighting and legal issues, they have to jump through hoops at their company in order make their dream a reality. Once of the stipulations is that the system coding must be done by someone with no direct ties to the company. That is when they bring in prodigy student Cameron Howe, played by Canadian actress Mackenzie Davis. Halt and Catch Fire was created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers and is the duo’s first show.

AMC’s new series, Halt and Catch Fire, show the viewer the creation of PCs (Personal computers) major industries. The team sets out to do the impossible, with a lot of people out to get them before they even begin. The competitive computer industry has a firm grip on the market, and is determined to tear down anyone who threatens them. With Mad Men ending this year it seems only fitting that the network released another business-oriented drama. The popular AMC series is a period drama about a New York City advertising company, based in the 60s. The series is ending in its seventh season. Halt and Catch Fire will be taking Mad Men’s Sunday time slot, with a ten episode first season.

The group already have complicated pasts in their personal lives. Clark already has attempted to build a computer in the past with his wife, who is also an engineer. The computer was a failure, and landed the family in debt. He has two young daughters and a lot to lose if things go sour a second time. Macmillan does not have a family to worry about, but has a history of legal infringement at his previous company. He is a former IBM executive with plans for a computer company all his own. He is a fast talking businessman, and money is the only thing on his mind. The first episode does not show much of Cameron Howe, but she is a rebellious and smart young lady. She takes a huge risk when she drops out of school to work for Macmillan.

AMC has conquered the Wild West, Civil War era, spies, and even zombies, but this new drama shows the technology world in a critical state of development (which is a battle all its own). AMC new series, Halt and Catch Fire, will be on the air first thing this June.

By Morgan Louchen

AMCTV.Tumblr (First Episode Here)


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