American Idol Results Show One of Four Voted Off (Recap/Review)

American Idol Results Show One of Four Voted Off (Review)
American Idol tonight is a half-hour Results Show, and the tensions are running high. We will learn which of the remaining competitors, which member of the Final Four, has been voted off the show by your votes, America! The performer who received the lowest vote total of the four will be leaving American Idol tonight. all of the Final Four are great singers, and it will be sad to see any of them leave; but, one of them will be eliminated by the conclusion of tonight’s show. It will be, as Ryan Seacrest says, “the toughest cut yet.”

Speaking of Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, he began the episode by saying “It’s all on the line,” and mentioning what’s at stake for the Final Four performer. They all have dreams of being in the Top Three, and of eventually wining the competition and becoming America’s next American Idol.

Then, Ryan introduced the three judges of American Idol, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Junior. They will all be headed to their homes for a hero’s welcome, but one will not be returning for the final shows of the season.

The final four ate dinner, and talked about last night’s performances and the comments of the judges. Jena still couldn’t believe it that J-Lo walked up to her after she finished singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and kissed her on the cheek. It was a  pretty cool moment.

Ryan: “The first person headed to their home town for the big parade is — we’re going to find out after the break!” That Ryan Seacrest, always joking around….

When American Idol returned from its first commercial break of the night,  Jena is the one driving a car in tonight’s American Idol segment when they travel around and chat. They stopped and got some beignets for Harry and the other judges and audience members to munch on. Harry looked happy to see them, as he loves to eat them, and he tossed some to people in the audience.

Randy called Jena’s performance last night “one of the best in American Idol history.” He also loved Caleb’s performances, and said that “Jessica came out swinging, but had very mixed results.” Randy really liked Alex’s performances, also.

Ryan: “The first person who earned a jet flight back for a hero’s welcome is–let’s go to the screen — Jena! After the break, there’ll be more of your results live — we’ll be right back on American Idol!”

Back from the commercial break, the final four American Idols have a picnic outside and discuss what it will feel like to go home and meet their fans. Caleb said “Regardless of who goes home, we KILLED it!”

Ryan: “The next person headed to their home town is — Caleb!”

With just two more performers to find out about, American Idol goes to yet another commercial break. Ryan says we’ll find out the results next. Both Jessica Meuse and Alex Preston are very talented performers, and having either of them leave American Idol will be sad, but all of the Final Four will likely have success making records in the near future.

Finally, the moment came on this episode of l American Idol that we’ve all been waiting for, when Ryan announced the final person who would be moving on, and the one competitor who will be leaving the show. “The last person to make the Top Three tonight is – Alex Preston!” Jessica’s farewell song will be a song she wrote and sang at the very start of the season, “Blue-Eyed Lie.” What an AMAZING performance, and AWESOME voice! She even had Randy Jackson bobbing his head as she sang, as well as Keith Urban. All three judges, including Harry, stood up and applauded her performance, giving her — as the audience also did — a standing ovation.

There you have it, America! The Top Three who will be moving on to next week’s American Idol episodes are Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, and Alex Preston! Jessica Meuse, a favorite of many viewers across America, had the fewest amount of votes; but, she gave her fans a lot of amazing performances throughout the season to remember her by, and will doubtless be releasing records in the near future to give her fans more remarkable music to listen to and enjoy.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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