Angelina Jolie Attacks Complaining Privileged Moms

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has recently attacked privileged moms who like to complain about how hard their lives are (not). The veteran actress has six children (three biologically and three adopted) with her fiance Brad Pitt, but never complains about not seeing them enough or not having enough time to spend with them.

The attack is likely aimed at Gwyneth Paltrow who complained that her work schedule meant that there were days she would never see her children. She complained about her 14 hour work days, and the fact that her children were in bed by the time she got home—and that was if she was not on location. Those comments caused a stir to those who work hard trying to make ends meet.

Paltrow’s comments were aimed at those who had office jobs. She mentioned that the routine meant that things could be done in the morning. This is something she misses out on. The remarks did leave a sour taste in the mouths of many working mothers around the world.

Jolie supported the working mothers, some of whom have two jobs to afford basic necessities. Despite her gruelling work schedule at times, she made it clear that she felt herself fortunate. Her and her soon-to-be husband have the financial means to afford food, a home and health care. They are in a much better position than many others, and she has no grounds to complain about anything else.

Her heart goes out to those who do not have the same means. Jolie even went on to virtually attack other privileged moms to stop complaining, and urged them to think about all the benefits.

There are times that it will be hard for any mom, especially those who do not see their children a lot. However, there are options for those who are more fortunate when it comes to financial situations. To make sure she gets to see her children, Jolie will take her children on set with her, even if it is in another country. All six are home-schooled, so it leaves a lot more time open for visiting family members and going on vacations when their parents are not working. Pitt and his future wife are also in a position where they do not need to work all the time, which means more time to spend with their children.

This is a position that many parents would love to be in. Privileged moms tend to forget about the home lives of those less fortunate. They forget that some mothers are on their own and have to work two jobs just to balance the incomings and outgoings. When privileged moms do complain, the less fortunate ones start to resent them and their lifestyles.

The Maleficent actress has often made it clear that she is a down-to-earth mother and partner. She always puts her family first, but shows that it is possible to juggle a career and children. However, she has often considered giving up Hollywood for her career, and is in a fortunate position to be able to consider that seriously. Many mothers would love to do that, but would struggle financially if they did. That is why Jolie has attacked the privileged moms who like to complain about their lives.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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