Apple Continues Battle With Samsung

appleApple has won a $119 million infringement battle with Samsung, and continues to fight with the foreign company over patent rights, which Apple says they own. An American jury sided with the local company in a decision last week, finding that Samsung had indeed copied Apple’s patents for features such as “slide to unlock” and the “quick links” innovation in a couple of their devices. Although Apple had brought three charges against Samsung, the court only granted a monetary award for two of them.

The jury, which gave the previous verdict last week, will reassemble for the final verdict today, determining if Apple is eligible for compensation from Samsung for its “auto-complete” patent. The end of the trial is not expected to bring Apple the $2.2 billion in damages it had sought, with the already awarded damages being in the range of $119 million, and perhaps a bit more added to the total from today’s verdict.

The numbers may sound large as the battle between Apple and Samsung continues, but in fact the amount owing to Apple is only about one quarter of one percent of the $47.56 billion that Samsung has in just cash flow. It is also a lot less than the $930 million that Apple had won from Samsung in an earlier prosecution. That trial had been one of the largest in patent-lawsuit history, with one of the grandest awards ever given to a company on the grounds of patent litigation. However, Samsung is appealing that verdict.

In an interesting turn of events, the court found that Apple had infringed on Samsung’s arranging pictures and videos in dossiers patent, and assigned Samsung $158,400 in compensation. This ruling is believed to be why the award to Apple was so small and why Apple is not able to classify Samsung as an imitator. A patent-law professional from Rutgers University has stated that the days of Apple winning its cases in the courts are over. However, adjourning the trial, a spokesperson for Apple had stated that the legal victory had proven that Samsung had copied their products and stolen Apples ideas on purpose.

If Apple can prove without any doubt that Samsung is able to influence purchases by consumers, then the company may be able to explore an injunction to disallow Samsung from selling their infringed-upon items in the marketplace. Even though Apple has won two separate court cases against Samsung, the battle of being able to get a ban on the company’s consumer materials continues. So far it has met with hefty resistance from the Federal Courts. They are upholding a high standard, one that needs to prove that any one technology that has been patented has the power to sway buyers’ choices.

Many people hope that this will dissuade Apple from continuing on in their legal scope of infringement cases. Most people would agree that they would much prefer if Apple and Samsung were touting new products they were bringing into the market, and not the battle that continues on between the two businesses. Besides that fact, is the thought that what Apple is really after is Google.

Due to Google’s Android technology, Samsung has become the biggest maker of Android smartphones. Apple has also gone after other Android phone manufacturer’s like HTC Corporation, which is also a foreign company, but as of yet has not gone directly after the larger corporation itself. Google authorizes Android without a fee for its users, making it hard to establish a reparation claim. Although Google does sell smartphones and such devices, it is small change compared to others of the same caliber.

By Korrey Laderoute

The Wall Street Journal
Information Week

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