Apple Offers Options for Ex-iPhone Users to Still Receive Text Messages


Apple has various options on offer for ex-iPhone users so they still receive text messages. This will help prevent iMessages getting stuck in the black hole that is currently happening for those who jumped ship to Android or Windows devices. However, not all of these options work 100 percent of the time, as Adrienne Moore found after switching from an iPhone to a Galaxy phone.

One of the biggest issues is knowing that this iMessage bug exists before switching the phones. This solves the problem right away, since it is possible to turn off the iMessage service through the settings. It is possible to call Apple customer support to have them turn it off, but the ID and phone number are needed for that to happen.

Contacting friends to turn off the iMessage system is an option, although definitely not ideal. It requires friends deactivating and reactivating the setting between sending messages to everybody, especially those who prefer to receive message through the Apple’s own system. Not all friends will want to do this.

To get around those who do not want to go into settings each time, ask friends to hold down the message being sent. This will give the pop-up option to send the message as a regular text message. It is much more realistic that the initial method.

Apple offers another option for ex-iPhone users to receive text messages and that is for friends to unregister contacts and re-add them. While it is time-consuming, if it is just the odd friend it is not too unreasonable to ask. It is either that or them not being able to contact someone via text message at all. The issue with this is that it does not always work. It sometimes requires the friend to turn the iMessage system off first, and then re-add the contact before switching it back on again.

There have been a number of ridiculous options offered by Apple employees. One of those involved switching back to an iPhone. This is not reasonable for those who simply do not like the devices or have found other devices have other features that they would like. It also takes away the reasonable competition by locking people into only using iPhone devices.

Another idea was to switch the phone number. However, again this is not realistic for some, especially those who have had the same phone number for years. At one point, the phone carriers was blamed for this problem, despite proving that it had nothing to do with them.

Most of the fixes do not cover options for those who get rid of their Apple devices. This would lead to phoning the customer support, which is not the easiest option for those who no longer have an iPhone or iOS device.

At the moment, the tech giant has no permanent or easy solution to the problem. It does recognize the problem exists though. Apple does offer options for ex-iPhone users to receive text messages, but they do not always work.

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