Apple to Provide Health and Fitness Services Modeled After App Store


Apple is considering to provide full health and fitness services through a platform similar to the App Store. These new services that are being pondered would be available through the newest product by the company, the iWatch. In other words, health and medical companies would develop their own medical applications that would be tied to the iWatch by Apple and other wearable technology through a platform design like the App Store.

See, the company is releasing the IOS 8 later this year and, according to rumors, the platform will come with applications that will provide health and fitness services. These apps will have health-related data acquired from various sources. Through the data customers will be able to track their health and fitness.

Many fitness companies could jump on board with this plan that Apple rumored to be developing. Nike is rumored to be on this ship, but Nike has refused to discuss about this with the press. Word has it that Nike might imply their NikeFuel platform to this plan that will run mostly with the iWatch.

Recently, Apple has been hiring health and fitness experts over the past years to get this project on the roll. Some of the hires are known talent from big companies such as Masimo, Vital Connect, and Philips Sleep Research. The latest reported hire is Eric Winokur, who is an MIT researcher. Winokur does work mostly on devices that monitor blood pressure and heart rate.

In fact, Apple has been reported to go on a hiring spree in the medical field making the rumor of this project very plausible. The company hiring in the sensor technology which is believed to be rising due to the rumored project. Chief Executive Tim Cook stated that it was time for the company to explore.

Cook promised to deliver a product that could monitor blood glucose levels and fitness nutrition beyond any device that is out in the present market. This promise is under pressure as it supposed to be available when the iWatch comes out later this year. On the good side, this new project comes with a new product, which Apple has not released a new product since 2010. The last product was the Ipad.

The med-tech community is waiting for this product to be released in order to get some major software based on health and fitness that would apply to the iWatch, and its new applications for health. This would bring in a new generation of software to be develop along with hardware for the project.

This rumor about Apple has caught the attention of competitors. Galaxy 5 and other companies that are going to be releasing wearable technology are on the same track. So, the hiring of medical experts will most likely be on the rise by technological companies to get their respective projects going.

Thanks to Apple, wearable technology will have an advantage in tracking one’s health and fitness at a more accurate level than what is available today. The idea is superb, and the competition will obviously bring this technological trend to the utmost performing level.

by Jose Herrera


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