Baby Dies After Solitary Confinement Inmate Was Forced to Give Birth Alone

Baby Is Dead After Inmate Was Left to Give Birth Alone in Solitary ConfinementA Texas woman is suing Wichita County for the alleged mistreatment she received while incarcerated. Nicole Guerrero alleges her baby died after she was forced to deliver the newborn alone while in solitary confinement.

The inmate claims employees at the Wichita County Prison ignored her repeated requests for medical attention and signs of labor;  instead of transporting her to a hospital they left her alone in a solitary confinement cell while she gave birth to her baby. Nicole says as a result of this inhumane treatment and her daughter failing to survive she has suffered severe psychological and physical injuries, which she feels are likely to remain with her forever.

Nicole was arrested on drug possession charges in June 2012. While she was still incarcerated she visited her doctor for an infection and at that time learned she was eight and half months pregnant. After returning to jail Nicole began experiencing cramping and severe pain. She was checkout out by Ladonna Anderson, one of the jail’s detention officers (otherwise referred to as the nurse on duty). At that time, according to the legal documents, Anderson determined Nicole was not in labor.

The inmate said her symptoms continued to worsen and she repeatedly called for help by pushing the “medical emergency” button. Despite her cries for assistance Nicole said for more than three hours she was ignored. Allegedly, around 3:30 a.m. the inmate was taken to the nurse’s station but was not examined. Nicole said Anderson told her the complications probably resulted from the prescription medication her doctor had given her. The officers got fed up with her cries for help and she was taken to solitary confinement.

Nicole was escorted to what she referred to as “the cage” where she was given a mat to lie on. As the pain continued to intensify she started moaning, crying and screaming to no avail. The lawsuit states since she was not receiving any medical assistance Nicole tried to talk herself through the painful ordeal.

Around 5 o’clock on the morning a detention officer walked by her cell as her baby was being ejected from her body. The lawsuit alleges Anderson ignored Nicole’s screams as she began delivering her baby and did not come in to help until the newborn’s head had already emerged.

The child was born while in solitary confinement with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. The infant was dark purple and was not breathing; the mother claims Anderson made no attempt to perform CPR. The plaintiff claimed several minutes after the baby arrived Anderson entered the cage, held the newborn and patted her back until the emergency medical staff arrived about 20 minutes later.  Finally, Nicole and her baby were transported to United Regional Healthcare Systems, where her daughter was pronounced dead.

The lawsuit accuses Anderson and the Correction Healthcare Management of medical malpractice. Nicole’s attorney, Rick Bunch, said under the 14th Amendment Wichita County and Sheriff David Duke violated his client’s due process rights by depriving her of access to reasonable medical care.

According to Anderson’s medical license expired about five months before this incident occurred. She earned her license in 1997 but it expired on January 31, 2012.

A Texas woman is suing Wichita County alleging she was forced to deliver her daughter in solitary confinement. Nicole Guerrero said detention officers at the Wichita County Prison ignored her repeated requests for medical attention and signs of labor while leaving her alone in a solitary confinement cell to give birth to her baby. Nicole says as a result of this unfair treatment, her daughter died and she has suffered severe psychological and physical injuries.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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