Baidu Hires Former Google Executive

BaiduBaidu, the top search engine provider in China, has hired former Google executive Andrew Ng as the company’s new Chief Scientist at its new center in Sunnyvale, California. Formerly Google’s chief of artificial intelligence, Ng is well-known in the technology industry for having built massive scale artificial neural networks, while remaining an esteemed faculty member at Stanford University teaching artificial intelligence. With its headquarters in Beijing, the company hopes to further expand its presence in Silicon Valley through hiring skilled candidates such as Ng.

At Baidu’s Sunnyvale location for research and development, Ng will be head of the company’s research department. As the research department is the most recent addition to Baidu’s current set of developmental capabilities, company officials stated that they plan to hire more individuals such as Ng to further enhance the department’s research capacity.

At Stanford University, the former Google executive instructs machine learning, and has published much information regarding both robotics and artificial intelligence. Ng has since established and remained in charge of Google’s Deep Learning team, constructing massive scale artificial neural networks. Ng has also recently co-established Coursera, a site that offers available courses offered from top-tier universities, and still remains on Coursera’s board as head chairman.

Seen as a “true visionary” and an important pioneer in the area of artificial intelligence, Baidu’s chairman and CEO Robin Li stated that Ng is the most desired and qualified person to head the company’s research exertions at the dawn of an era where artificial intelligence will ultimately carry an increasingly important role across the globe.

In response, Ng stated that Baidu is a respectable company with a “long term vision and deep commitment.” His remarks made it clear that he is excited to start helping the company improve its essential artificial intelligence technologies that will have a deep impact on the rest of the world.

According to Baidu’s senior vice president Jing Wang, the company’s location at Silicon Valley will incorporate the most qualified Chinese, American, and other international talent to further Baidu’s leadership in the field of technology. Specifically, the company stated that they are sure that their new research and development facility in Silicon Valley will take the technology of tomorrow and transport it from industry to broader society. Now that Baidu has hired the former Google executive, this aspiration seems a lot more feasible.

In 2013, Andrew Ng was named as one of Time Magazine’s list of “100 Most Influential People in the World.” He also made Fortune’s list “40 under 40.” Currently, Ng retains a BS degree in Computer Science given by Carnegie Mellon, a MS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as having obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

As Baidu hires former Google executive Andrew Ng and other skillful candidates in the technology field, the company maintains great hope that they will especially help extend their global presence in the field of artificial technology. After having achieved a remarkable amount of accomplishments, Ng remains excited to join the evolving industry and hopes that his efforts will help to transform lives across the world.

By Scott Gaudinier

IBN Live

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