Bayern Munich is Stunned by Real Madrid in UEFA Champions League



Bayern Munich from Germany was stunned by Spaniard club team Real Madrid on Tuesday afternoon for the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. The final score for what was the second-leg match was 4-0.

The German team was playing the 2013-2014 edition of the tournament as the defending champion. Last year, the German club took it all the way and defeated another German giant in the final, Borussia Dortmund.

The story was quite different this year as German club team lost to Real Madrid in both legs of the semi-finals. The first-leg was played in Spain, and Bayern Munich lost 0-1. The second-leg was even more cruel for the German club as they lost in front of their home crowd at the Allianz Stadium. The Spaniard team came gunning and defeated the defending champions in their own back yard.

This year, the German team has a new coach, Pep Guardiola, who came back after a year of hiatus. The Spaniard coach was very successful with FC Barcelona, winning unspeakable silverware including the UEFA Champions Cup.

So far with the German team, Guardiola has led the team to the top in the German domestic league, Bundesliga. The Spaniard coach’s merits are more than enough to lead a team like Bayern, as he was very successful with Barcelona.

Additionally, Guardiola was a huge rival of Real Madrid back when he was the Barcelona coach. So, the romp on Tuesday had to be very hurtful for Guardiola.

It was really difficult for Bayern Munich to get shut out in both games, while Real Madrid’s stars shined in superb fashion. The best player for Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, score two goals—one in minute 34 and the other in minute 89.

The other star for Real Madrid that shined on Tuesday afternoon was defender Sergio Ramos who scored with two headers. Both goals by Ramos were made in a matter of four minutes from set plays.

Munich controlled the ball 69 percent of the time compared to Madrid’s 31 percent. The German team also had more shots than Madrid: 19 to 13. In the end, the four shots that went into the net for Madrid were the ones that counted.

Bayern Munich’s coach Guardiola stated to the press that the loss against Madrid in the semi-finals was his fault. Guardiola claims that he should have gotten his team better prepared for the lethal counter attacks Madrid is known for.

Guardiola also stated that Bayern Munich should have had more time with the ball. It appears that the 69 percent was not enough for Guardiola. Any team that can control the ball 69 percent on Madrid is usually due for a win. Not in this case. Guardiola stated that more control was needed.

The Spaniard coach added that Sergio Ramos was not guarded well. Two goals from headers on two set plays was too much for Bayern to allow. Guardiola simply felt that his German club team did not have control of the game.

Munich is done with the UEFA Champions League this year. It might have been nice for them to do a repeat, but it is a difficult task to accomplish in such a prestigious tournament. The last time a team had a repeat in the Champions League was Italian team AC Milan in 1989 and 1990.

As for now, Munich will go back to Germany and finish the Bundesliga in which they are set to win it. Also, Bayern Munich has qualified for the UEFA Champions League for next year. So, the German club will have another chance at it next year.


Commentary by Jose Herrera


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