Beyoncé Watches While Sister Solange Attacks Jay Z

Beyoncé Jay Z

A new video has surfaced that shows Beyoncé calmly watching her sister Solange attack Jay Z in the elevator at the Standard Hotel, after the Met Gala last week. Even though the footage is a bit fuzzy, the video shows four people in the elevator, which clearly match the outfits that Beyoncé, Jay Z, Solange, and their bodyguard wore that night.

Beyoncé is standing alone in the corner of the elevator first, Jay Z enters next, then Solange enters a second later, with a bodyguard behind her. Jay Z stands next to Beyoncé and Solange begins talking aggressively to Jay Z, getting closer and closer to the rapper. Suddenly, Solange starts punching and swinging at Jay Z, hitting him hard a few times, until the bodyguard pulls her back. Jay Z appears to stay calm and tries to talk to Solange, while she continues to struggle against the bodyguard to get at him.

Solange then starts kicking the rapper with her high heels and Jay Z grabs her leg to stop her. The whole time this is happening, Beyoncé is tucked in the corner calmly watching her sister Solange attack Jay Z, and the singer does not react or do anything to stop her. At one point, it looks like Beyoncé does try to speak to her sister, but Solange will not listen. The bodyguard continues to hold Solange the elevator ride, while hitting the buttons to stop the doors from opening.

While riding the elevator, Beyoncé and Jay Z both appear very seem very calm as Solange is attacking the rapper. Beyoncé stands quietly to the side as Solange goes all out wildly attempting to strike Jay Z. The rapper does not even lose his cool, or retaliate. In fact, it doesn’t look as if he is even yelling at her to stop. The married couple react as though they are used to this behavior, or as if Solange is drunk and there is no reasoning with her. However, it is odd to watch Beyoncé just let the attack happen and do nothing to stop it.

When the elevator doors open into the lobby of the hotel, the three exit the elevator as if nothing happened. Beyoncé smiles for the cameras. Solange is walking ahead, looking very somber, but calm. Jay Z is walking behind Beyoncé looking preoccupied. Onlookers would never have guessed that there had just been a violent fight just a few minutes before. The bodyguard stays close to Solange, shielding Beyoncé and Jay Z. Then the two sisters get in the same car together, and after Jay Z whispers something to security, he gets into a different car.

When the footage of Beyoncé’s sister Solange attacking Jay Z leaked out, fans were shocked and surprised. Not doubt Beyoncé tried to keep this video hidden, as she is very controlling with her image. There have been no reports about any tension between the Solange and Jay Z, so it is unclear what started this violent attack. Beyoncé obviously did not hold a grudge, or was not shocked by the altercation, as the singer got into the car with her sister, and not her husband. So far, the couple’s rep would not respond with a comment.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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