Bill Nye: Science Guy Gone Wild

Bill nye gone wild
It’s alarming to see poised and professional scientists, like Bill Nye the science guy, resort to juvenile expressions and demeaning banter when their expert opinion is questioned in front of the camera. It can be liken it to a Girls Gone Wild video, in which the presence of a camera and the fifteen minutes of fame that comes with it, conjures up a side of people you wouldn’t otherwise see.

In a recent segment with S.E. Cupp, host of CNN Crossfire, she boldly said what many people have been thinking. She accused Nye and other global warming supporters (scientists), of attempting to bully and shame anyone who questions the supposed facts. Scientists of many different disciplines all seem to admonish what are commonly called deniers, but especially in the presence of the camera, they go wild.

The public trusts a vast majority of the data gathering and interpretation of science that influences and effects political policy and standards to complete strangers. Bill Nye is famous, but when statistics and studies are cited, a vast majority of the time they are done by people you couldn’t pick out in a line up if your life depended on it. Some person with a few letters after their name, and a degree from an astute sounding university, does some highly-funded study that would otherwise never get done, and supposedly, they suddenly have knowledge the rest of us don’t seem to understand.

Cupp went on to discuss the scare tactics used to try and sway public opinion, and highlighted the statistic that only 36% of Americans actually believed global warming was a serious problem. Nye had a particularly condescending and dismissive attitude towards an observation regarding hurricanes. He replied: ”hurricanes shmuricanes,” as if the notion was not only beneath him, but the silliness of the statement only rated such an inane and juvenile response. Sadly this is typical of much of the scientific rhetoric that is espoused in front of cameras these days. For a moment it became Bill Nye: Science guy gone wild.


There is an invisible segregation between those who are considered scientists and those who aren’t. It has been argued that science does not tell us anything at all. We observe a phenomena and then interpret its meaning. Without the interpretation the raw data tells no story. Scientists tell stories based on what they observe, but also based on what they believe, think and want. These scientists prove how just like the rest of us they really are, when they debase their elevated status with tantrums, insults and belittling remarks in the face of opposition.

Not long ago the United Nations had to deal with the revelation of data manipulation among the plethora of climatologists, scientist and others deemed experts that penned the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). In addition, it was reported that contributors also engaged in subjective bias, and suppressed inconvenient evidence that disproved their inflammatory and alarmist claims regarding man-made global warming. This report, as all global warming reports, was created to influence policy, and in effect force populations to fall in line with the agenda. Global warming and its various governmental influences is a major money enterprise for those on the inside track. The bold moves that the UN suggests will cost billions, if not trillions globally to implement, and that cost will ultimately be placed on the backs of the working class.

It is difficult to understand why a discussion can’t be had where the limitations of science are admitted, and the opinions of the experts are stated as just such. Until the public is given the raw data in a more digestible form, from experts that don’t descend the ladder of decency to make a point, the acceptance of things as massive as the notion of global warming will continue to be largely dismissed. The contempt that many scientists have for the general public shows through as the few made famous, continue to degrade the mantle with sophomoric commentary and ridicule.

If global warming is that serious a problem, then the big fish of science like Bill Nye, need to use the right voice and tone to convey the message with the kind of professionalism and dignity people like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton are correlated with. No more scientists gone wild videos that only seem to deepen the divide, cloud the issue and weaken the argument.

Article by J. Benjamin


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