Brad Pitt Attacker: Justice Being Served

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Thanks to the journalist who “attacked” Brad Pitt on a red carpet earlier in the week, the actor and many other celebrities have finally had justice served on their behalf. On Friday, 25-year-old “prankster” Vitalii Sediuk was arraigned in a California court room for the stunt he pulled Wednesday night at the premiere of Disney’s Maleficent. He pleaded no contest to the charges of battery and unlawful activity at an event. The judge in the case sentenced Sediuk to three years of probation, over $200 in fines, and an order to stay at least 500 yards away from all major celebrity events, including red carpets, movie premieres and award shows. He was also reminded to stay away from Pitt, his wife Angelina Jolie and their family as Pitt has an order of protection placed against Sediuk.

The stern ruling came down, thanks in part to what took place at the Grammy Awards last year. Sediuk managed to breach security at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and made his way onto the stage. Singer Adele was accepting an award from Jennifer Lopez at the time. He was arrested for trespassing following the incident. Because of the Pitt attack on Wednesday, Sediuk was found to be in violation of his “formal diversion”; a form of probation, following his arrest at the Grammys. The judge also requested that he stay 100 yards away from the Staples Center and the L.A. Live complex, the building that holds the arena.

A reporter for the Ukraine-based television show 1+1, Sediuk’s abnormal antics toward some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are well documented. In 2012, actor Will Smith was grabbed and nearly kissed on the lips by Sediuk at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black 3. More “close encounters” followed with other movie stars such as Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio. However, it was his actions at the Cannes Film Festival almost two weeks ago where even his bosses seemed to have enough of him.

As actress America Ferrera posed with co-stars during the red carpet premiere of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Sediuk made his way onto the carpet and somehow slid underneath Ferrera’s dress. As the actress attempted to flee, he grabbed onto her ankles. Security dragged Sediuk away from her. He was not arrested, but he was ultimately fired by the producers of the television show.

According to the lawyer who represented Sediuk during the Grammys case, he was surprised to hear that Sediuk had gotten physical with Pitt. Anthony Willoughby stated that Sediuk came off as a “nice guy” and revealed he was “really shocked” to hear that Pitt was nearly injured due to the actions of the 25-year-old. He added that the judge’s ruling was further proof that the legal system “overly protects the entertainment industry.” Willoughby may have a point, but this was not the first time this week that a person came in close proximity to a celebrity with calamitous results.

On Sunday, an attack in Japan left two members of a popular music group, as well as a staff member, hospitalized after a “jobless lunatic” attacked them during a meet-and-greet for their fans. The Brad Pitt attacker has finally had justice served against him and in the eyes of America Ferrara, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adele, Jennifer Lopez and Pitt himself, one can be sure that being “overly protected” is something they can certainly live with.

By Jonathan Brown


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