Cancer Cured by Honey Bees? [Video]

cancerThe cure for cancer by using honey bees is being studied in a number of countries, and the bees in Greece are of particular interest. Findings are showing that a honey’s properties are dependent on the region in which it is produced. A quantitative study and analysis was performed on the phenolic acid in 12 varieties of honey, from several different geographical areas in Greece. The conclusion is that honey found in Greece shows significant antioxidant and anticancer activities, which can be attributed to their phenolic acid content. It can be narrowed down by specific regions for the honey with the most anticancer attributes. In the U.S, most alternative treatments concur with the restorative properties of honey however, since no extensive research has been done under the guidance of the American Medical Association (AMA), it is only recommended in small doses. This leaves many in the alternative medicine business with a bad taste in their mouth, and many apitherapists believe that if the AMA cannot make money off of it, they are not interested.

Honey has long been used for medicinal purposes in this country and in others, however the use of honey bee’s venom is actually widely used, but not widely known or supported here in the U.S. for use in cancer treatment. China is using bees to sting their patients in controlled settings, and they are treating Multiple Sclerosis (MS), arthritis, and chronic pain currently. Research is also being done on the effects of bee venom on diabetic patients, although there are mixed results, depending on who is being asked. Last year, China treated over 27,000 people for life-threatening illnesses, in what is called bee acupuncture. There are a number of forward-thinking people here in the U.S. in regards to bee stings being used for medicinal purposes, and there is even an apitherapy event in Pittsfield, Ohio every year (see video below). Although no government agency will back up or fund this unorthodox treatment, the people being treated are having very positive results. China uses bee stinging techniques as a significant portion of their health care system, and it receives support and also funding from their government. They have been using this type of therapy for some time now with impressive results. Surprisingly lucrative, this practice of bee therapy in China has brought in over $84 billion dollars in goods, which is more than 31 percent of the entire country’s medicine output, per the National Bureau of Statistics.

In 1950, an apitherapist, Charles Mraz, informed the AMA that apitherapy can cure cancer, to which the man from Sloane Kettering gave an emphatic, “yeah, sure.” The fact that bees’ honey and bees’ venom cannot be patented has caused the powers that be to turn a blind eye to the proven benefits in actual human beings, according to certified apitherapists here in the U.S. Most apitherapists do not charge and if they do, it is quite minimal compared to what you would pay a traditional medical doctor. The video below is from the event held in Pittsfield, Ohio every year, where many are reaping what they consider to be the benefit and rewards of alternative care.  The future may well hold the cure to cancer through use of honey bees and many in alternative care are betting on it.

By Kristi Cereska
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