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While having to deal with main cast changes and negative stories in the media regarding the stars of the show, Two and a Half Men not only held its own, but survived for 11 seasons on CBS. However, all things must come to an end. It was recently announced that the hit comedy series, co-created by Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn, would be saying goodbye following its 12th season in 2015. The final episodes are set to air beginning October 30, 2014.

Two and a Half Men followed the lives of Charlie Harper, played by actor Charlie Sheen, and his recently divorced brother Alan, played by Jon Cryer. During the course of the show the two learn how to live with each other after Alan is forced to move in with Charlie following his divorce. Alan brings along his young son, Jake, played by Angus T. Jones.

After many publicized personal troubles, Sheen was fired in 2010 and his character was killed off in the ninth season premiere episode. Actor Ashton Kutcher then joined the cast as Waldon Schmidt, an internet billionaire who eventually buys the beach front home that Charlie owned. To keep the plot together with familiar characters, the story line  included a decision by Schmidt to allow Alan and Jake to stay in the home.

More controversy came to the show during its 10th season. Angus T. Jones experienced a religious awakening and converted to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In a now-viral video, Jones appeared and called the series that made him a star, “filth”, among other negative attributes, even going as far as to ask fans not to tune in. He was allowed to stay on the show after releasing a public apology and was to be dropped to recurring status for the show’s 11th season.  However, Jones did not make a single appearance during season 10.  A statement released by Jones in March of this year expressed that he refused to return to show. To make up for the character loss, Amber Tamlyn eventually joined onto the series as Charlie Harper’s long-lost daughter, Jenny.

During the recent announcement that the show would be ending, CBS Network President Nina Tassler said that co-creator Lorre has promised that the final bow of the hit CBS show would be big.  In fact, Tassler deemed it a “season-long finale event.” “He’s very psyched about this,”  Tassler said of Lorre, adding that the co-creator has “some great ideas in store and some very big surprises.”

When asked about the possibility of Charlie Sheen returning to the show as it says goodbye, Tassler admitted that she was not sure if his return would be one of the surprises Lorre was referring to. “I would like to see whatever Chuck would like to do,” she added.

The show has maintained viewership since Kutcher joined the CBS series, with an average of around 11 million viewers per week. Throughout its run, the show has garnered 46 Primetime Emmy nominations, winning nine of them. It has also been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and six People’s Choice Awards, winning four.

With the surprising news of the end of Two and a Half Men, Tassler also revealed that the planned spin-off to How I Met Your Mother, tentatively titled How I Met Your Dad, would not be going to series on CBS. However, there are rumors that other networks have the option of picking the show up, if they choose to do so.

With How I Met Your Mother ending some two months ago, Two and a Half Men is now the second CBS hit show saying goodbye, although not until next year. However, Tassler is optimistic about the new shows coming to the network, which include a reboot of the classic comedy, The Odd Couple, with Friends star Matthew Perry attached, and another NCIS spin-off, taking place in New Orleans. “There are other networks that wish they had these shows for their fall schedules,” Tassler said.

By Jonathan Brown

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