Celebrity Nude Pics Going Too Far?

celebrity nude picsAre all of these celebrity nude pics going too far in the world of social media? Celebrities at times bare all for movies but many also take it all off for magazine covers as of late. Now with social media apps like Twitter and Instagram many of celebrities cannot seem to take a selfie with any clothes on. Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Madonna, Lady Gaga and even James Franco have all been guilty of taking nude pics and posting it for the world to see, for free.

The nude phenomenon has caught on like bush fire so much so that there are now warnings about “sensitive material” for Twitter and Instagram took it a step further and warned the culprits themselves. Both Rihanna and Madonna have been reprimanded and told not to publish anymore nude pics on Instagram. Rihanna was even told that the S&M singer’s account would be deactivated if the Grammy winner posted any more exposing photographs. Interestingly enough RiRi’s Instagram account suddenly vanished. Perhaps Rihanna thought that the rules could not have applied to the Barbadian vocalist and after posting another nude pic, her account was deactivated. Perhaps, but not the case. Instagram told the Daily News that Rihanna’s account was disabled but purely by accident but then restored. Oddly though, Rihanna has yet to be seen posting anything on Instagram, let alone nude selfies.

Other celebrities that are going too far with nude pics on social media sites is Courtney Love who always seems to be a bit removed from reality and certain nude selfies just do not come across as sexy. Coco also has no problem baring all but even Ice T’s busty blonde went too far when the reality star posted a nude picture of herself while in bed with her nephew. Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr certainly do not mind exposing topless pics, then again they do almost that in their day job modeling off sexy lingerie. Celebrity nude pics are either going too far or simply becoming the norm.

More celebrity nude pics come from Aubrey O’Day who went topless on Instagram wearing nothing but a thong, Heidi Klum posted a topless pic of herself on Twitter and Nicki Minaj went topless via Instagram with the singers long wig leaving barely anything to the imagination.

James Franco is so addicted to Instagram, including nude pic selfies, that the actor stated in an interview with AP that when he takes pictures of himself “It’s almost like it’s connected to you and by putting that intimate space out there it’s kind of this new thing that we’re all getting used to.” Donnie Wahlberg also uploaded a complete nude pic of himself on Twitter before going on stage back in 2013.

The question is not just if celebrity nude pics are becoming the fashion trend of the day but more of why do these celebrities feel that they need to expose themselves for anyone to see?  One could even go further and ask why do it if you are not even getting paid to do it?  It is almost as if having celebrity status is not enough. Maybe all the attention and pampering  a celebrity must get during filming, recording, filming videos or doing magazine shoots just plummets and leaves some celebrities feeling needy or forgotten. Either way, if things keep going the way they have been soon Playboy might be put out of business. I mean who will buy a nude magazine when many celebrities are taking it all off for any viewer to see, free of charge.

By Derik L. Bradshaw
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