Chris Brown Sentenced Again

Chris BrownChris Brown was hoping to get a break at his hearing on May 9 where the singer was hoping to be released. However, things did not go Brown’s way in the Los Angeles courtroom where the judge, James R. Brandlin, sentenced Chris Brown for another four months jail time. The hearing was going to determine whether the Look at Me Now singer was going to be able to be released before Brown had to appear in Washington D.C. for violating the singers parole. The probation occurred during the infamous 2009 assault against, then girlfriend, Rihanna. The probation was violated when Brown confessed to getting into, yet another, altercation with a man outside a hotel in Washington D.C. Though the case in Washington D.C. has yet to even begin, the Los Angeles Judge decided that the Forever vocalist was to be sentenced for a whole year for the assault that happened in October. Luckily for Brown the judge ended up giving the R&B singer only a four-month sentence after canceling off the time the troubled artist had already spent in jail and rehab.

A total of 234 days were credited to Brown according to TMZ. So, though Chris was given a year jail time, after taking off the time Brown already spent in prison and in a rehab for anger management, the singer will only be spending about four months in jail.  This number could also decrease due to the overcrowding situation that the California prisons are facing. Though people from Chris’s camp are worried for the Don’t Judge Me singer, the fact that Brown could have gotten a maximum of up to 4 years jail time for violating parole in the state of California, Brown’s camp should be happy. Apparently the break was given due to Brown’s recent diagnosis with Bipolar disorder. The four months jail time is not all Brown got hit with. The judge also ordered that the recording artist must appear twice a week with a therapist and three times a week the Virginian born star must agree to random drug tests. When the 25-year-old finally gets released from jail the dancer and actor must also then finish the 1,000 hours Brown received of community service. A far cry from being out of the woods. Brown then still has another court case in the upcoming months for assaulting the man in Washington. D.C.

Brown’s mother, friends and fans watched on as the recording artist was told of the full sentence and explanation of the credits Chris Brown was given. Credits which also included time for good behavior while in jail. Judge Brandlin had first revoked Brown’s probation back in December when the recording artist was sentenced into anger management rehab. That stint was cut short when Brown allegedly had relations with an employee at the rehab facility and then ordered back into prison.

A source had told the that Brown is not handling any of this very well. That the singer is suffering mentally and in pain. The source reveals that Brown has lost all hope and that “He can’t take it and everybody that knows him can’t believe he’s still alive.”

Chris Brown has been going through a rough time with being sentenced again and every time the R&B singer thought that he was going to be released, it never turned out that way. This court date was supposed to have occurred on May 2 but that date was pushed back for May 9. Now it looks like the Grammy winner is going to have to find even more strength from within to get through this ordeal Brown had started all the way back in 2009, when Brown assaulted Rihanna. Karma can be a serious thing.

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